I want to send out a big thank you to Rob Harris at Ashop Web Hosting for all of the help he’s given me since my website was hacked. I’ve been with A Shop since they opened their doors and have always been happy with their service. Any issues were taken care of immediately and when I was clueless about something with the software, they always have been quick to answer my questions.

At the beginning of May two of my websites were hacked, even though I had the latest version of the blogging software that I was running on my websites. With Rob’s help, we got it fixed, I added a firewall and two days later it was hacked again. My websites had become a fun little target to someone who really had too much time on their hands and no moral values. To me, it just wasn’t worth it to run that software anymore so I redesigned my websites back to html and moved the blogs. The worse thing was that I was going to lose almost 700 posts on one of my blogs. Rob stepped in, did a little magic and I didn’t lose any of my posts! Now that is amazing customer service!

If you need web hosting then you simply must check out Ashop Web Hosting. The setup is great and the service is unbelievable. I’ve always been happy with Ashop Web Hosting and recent events and the outstanding customer service given to me by the company and Rob Harris in particular is nothing short of being the best on the net.

Thank you so much Rob (and everyone else at Ashop) – you guys are the BEST!!!