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To enter for a free reading fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

For the November 2012 drawing I’ll give away a Mini Past Life Reading. Entries will be accepted during the month of October 2012. The winner will be announced on or around November 1st. If you entered a previous drawing but didn’t win, you’ll need to re-enter this month’s drawing because I delete all entries once I’ve selected the winner and they have responded. Thanks and good luck!

About The Free Readings:

Here’s how it works. I give away one reading a month in a random drawing. On or around the first day of the following month I’ll randomly choose one entry from all entries submitted during the previous month. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend, then I’ll post it the following Monday. Some days I may post on the second day of the month depending on my schedule but it’ll always be posted during the first week of the month. The type of reading I’ll give away will be posted here. To enter fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you win you have seven days from the day I send out the notification by email and post it on my website to claim your reading. Any readings not claimed within seven days will be forfeited.


1. All entries must be submitted during the month of the drawing. You may enter once per month. If you didn’t win you’ll have to re-enter the next month. I delete all entries once I pick a winner. That’s only fair.

2. You MUST submit a working email address, an alternate email address and your real name. I will contact you prior to doing the reading to validate your email and tell you how to claim your reading. If I can’t contact you or if you don’t check your email regularly and don’t respond, then you stand the chance of losing the reading (see #3 below). Please do not use AOL email account addresses – they kick back as non-deliverable almost every time and then I can’t contact you. Please include an alternate email just in case there is a problem with your email account accepting email from me. Also check your spam folder for email from Thanks!

3. All free reading winners must claim their prize within seven days. Free readings not claimed by the 7th of the month will be forfeited. I’ll send multiple emails in an attempt to give you the reading that you won but it’s up to you to check the site to see if you won and if you did to respond to my emails.

4. You must be 18+ years old to enter. If you enter for a free reading, you’re also agreeing to be placed on my mailing list.

That’s it! Good luck! I look forward to reading for the winner each month.

Previous Winners and upcoming drawings:

December 1, 2012: Winner TBA. Four Question Clairvoyant Reading
November 1, 2012: Winner TBA. Mini Past Life Reading
October 1, 2012: Dennia Z. – Two Question Clairvoyant Reading 
September 1, 2012: Tarah T. – Mini Past Life Reading
August 1, 2012: Unavailable for free reading
July 1, 2012: Brenda L. – Two Question Clairvoyant Reading

June 1, 2012: Peter R. – Four Question Clairvoyant Reading
May 1, 2012:  Lara P. – Two Question Clairvoyant Reading
April 1, 2012: Cenika P. One Question Clairvoyant Reading

March 1, 2012: Teresa Y. Three Question Clairvoyant Reading
February 2012: Louise Z. Spirituality Reading
January 2012: Michael W. One Question Clairvoyant Reading

December 1, 2011: Please join the Paranormal Workshop for free readings in December
November 1, 2011: Jonathan R. – Four Question Clairvoyant Reading
October 1, 2011: Unavailable for free reading
September 1, 2011: Maria L. – Two Question Clairvoyant Reading
August 1, 2011: Unavailable for free reading
July 1, 2011: Unavailable for free reading
June 1, 2011: Unavailable for free reading
May 1, 2011: Unavailable for free reading
April 1, 2011: Patricia M. – Six Rune Spread Reading
March 1, 2011: Abbey B. – Three Question Clairvoyant Reading
February 2011: Robin M. – Celtic Card Reading
January 2011: Opal B.. – Tarot Three Card Spread

December 1, 2010: Unavailable for free reading.
November 1, 2010: Katherine W. – Two Specific Question Reading
October 1, 2010: Unavailable for readings
September 1, 2010: Jackie D. – Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
August 1, 2010: Angela L. – Three Question Clairvoyant Reading
July 1, 2010: Melissa S. – Four Question Reading
June 1, 2010: Joanna M. – Detailed Past Life Reading
May 1, 2010: Heather L. – Two Question Clairvoyant Reading
April 1, 2010: Pooja S. – Six Rune Spread Reading
March 1, 2010: Barbara R. – Five Question Clairvoyant Reading
February 2010: Meghan H. – Celtic Reading
January 2010: Jesi F. – Tarot Three Card Spread

May-December 2009: No winners drawn – on hiatus.
April 2009: Patty N. – Four Specific Questions
March 2009: Paul K. – Rune Reading
February 2009: Gina L. – Two Question Reading
January 2009: Sara J. – Mini Past Life Reading
December 2008: Jan J. – Spirit Guide Reading
November 2008: Laura M. – Akashic Record Reading
October 2008: Mary Ann C. – Three Question Reading
September 2008: Caroline O – Tarot Six Card Spread
August 2008: Catherine B. – Detailed Past Life Reading

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