Wow – the auction started off with a bang

Late last night I recieved an email from a group I’m in that said my donation to Brenda Novak’s auction for Diabetes research was getting attention. So I go to the site and was surprised to see that the bidding is already at $400. This is fantastic! For those who don’t know what I’ve donated to this excellent cause, I’m including it below. Remember, you can share this package (valued at $2200) with your friends and family. So check it out and let’s keep the bidding going. This is an excellent cause that I’ve regularly participated in since Brenda started the auction. So gather up some friends and let’s raise some money! Click here to bid!

Psychic Mentoring Extravaganza – valued at over $2200 –

Fifteen days of intensive one on one mentoring with Melissa Alvarez, internationally known clairvoyant advisor and psychic medium, who has been featured on shows such as Your Time With Kim Iverson, Connecting The Light Radio Show, Home Grown Radio NJ, Crossroads Paranormal Radio, Captain Jack Radio Show, P.O.I.N.T. Paranormal Radio, Voices in the NYGHT, and WBAL in Baltimore – The Shari Elliker Show.

Melissa conducts psychic readings from her website at Melissa no longer offers mentoring through her website so the only way you can get this intensive one-on-one guidance with her is through this auction. This is not a structured class but is instead a detailed question and answer session where you will work together on situations that are specific to you, instead of covering things that may not be applicable to your life and experiences. Not only will all your metaphysical questions be answered but you will have complete, unlimited access to Melissa via email and text messaging for fifteen days. She will also be available to you via telephone Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time (school hours). On top of this – you will also receive one spirit guide reading, one Celtic reading and one detailed past life reading during mentoring (an additional $315 value) –


are you ready for this…unlimited specific question psychic readings! Melissa’s mentoring program has never included free psychic readings but, for this auction, she is including unlimited free psychic readings, specific to you, in addition to the mentoring – a $1200 value!

And that’s not all. She will also hand craft a pendant necklace and program it for you with a purpose of your choosing during the mentoring. In addition to all of this, she is also including a copy of Talgorian Prophecy (her paranormal romantic suspense written under the pen name Ariana Dupré, which features a psychic who must save her son from a serial killer) and three decks of 2008 Silver Screen Playing Card that feature book covers from Jasmine Jade imprints.

Melissa will also allow the winner of this auction to either keep the whole package for themselves or give away any portion of the package that they choose. The only condition is that the mentoring and unlimited specific question readings must stay together and be used by only one person. So if you win the auction and want to keep the mentoring/unlimited specific questions for yourself and give your sister the Celtic reading, your best friend the spirit guide reading, your mom the past life reading, and then give three other friends the necklace, the book and the card decks – you can do that!

If you want to know more about Melissa and her readings prior to bidding, visit her website at Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – bid today for this exciting psychic mentoring extravaganza package.

So what do you get again?

· Fifteen days unlimited psychic mentoring ($600.00 value)

· Unlimited Specific Question Readings ($1200.00 value)

· Celtic Reading ($65.00 value)

· Spirit guide reading ($125.00 value)

· Detailed past life reading ($125.00 value)

· Handcrafted & Programmed Pendant Necklace ($65.00 value)

· Three Silver Screen Card Decks ($21.00 value)

· TALGORIAN PROPHECY by Ariana Dupré (Melissa’s pen name) ($14.99 value)

Description: Megan Cassidy, a world-renowned psychic seer, must fight a serial killer to save her six-year-old son Robbie. But she can’t do it alone. She needs help from the best tracker and Ranger in West Virginia, her ex-fiancé, Brody Phelps. In a psychic vision, Megan sees her own death during a battle with the murderer that the police have dubbed The Mountain Mangler. She soon discovers that the Mangler is also psychic and looking for a challenge that the first six victims couldn’t meet. While Brody and Megan search the mountains for the Mangler and Robbie, Megan is drawn to Talgor Ridge where they are told an unbelievable story from a Talgorian Elder. When they discover their destinies are intertwined with the immortal Talgorians, Brody and Megan must each follow their hearts to fulfill the first Talgorian Prophecy. Acceptance is the only way to save Robbie, and the Talgorians, from total destruction.