Types of Readings

The following are descriptions of  all of the readings that I offer in no particular order. When the readings section reopens in my shop you can purchase the reading by clicking on the name below and you’ll be taken to the shop page for that reading. 

With ALL of the readings that I do, you will need to complete the Reading Request Disclaimer, Release, Assumption of Risk, & Confidentiality Agreement Form located  on the product page before I will do the reading. You will need to complete this form, and agree to the terms included within even if you have ordered a reading where you do not submit questions. If you do not manually select the Yes boxes in the terms, and the form goes through with No still selected, then the order will be cancelled and the reading refunded.  If the boxes weren’t selected in error, then you’ll have to place the order again. I have to be very strict about this  and there will be no exceptions to this policy. Thanks for understanding.

Akashic Record Reading – The Akashic Records is where all of your soul’s information is stored from your soul’s beginning and contains information about every lifetime you’ve ever lived, your soul’s purpose in each lifetime and much more information. This reading is beneficial to learn more about your life path, soul essence and connection with the Universe.  During this reading you can also ask up to five questions that relate to your life path, your soul’s journey, karma, and your destiny that you want me to address. This reading isn’t for asking questions about your daily life. For those types of questions please order focused specific question readings or a general clairvoyant reading. The Akashic Record reading takes several hours to do and is conducted at a soul level.

General Clairvoyant Reading – The general clairvoyant reading is where I look into several areas of your life which may include finances, love life, career, relationships, travel, and your energy motion. This is an overall reading on multiple aspects of your life and covers several different broad topics or areas of interest or concern. I don’t know what will come up during this reading and I’ve had past lives come through, spirit guides, people who have passed, and all kinds of things happen during this reading.  You’ll get everything that I get about as many topics as I get information for. This readings usually takes a minimum of two to three hours to do and is quite detailed. You may ask three focused specific questions during the General Clairvoyant Reading. I also offer this same reading but with either three extra questions and six extra  questions.

Spirituality Reading – The Spirituality reading is done at a soul level. Many times spirit guides, your higher self, divine beings, and others in the spiritual realm will come through to aid and assist. This reading focuses on your soul’s path, spiritual journey, and life map. It helps you uncover your soul purpose and what you planned to learn during this lifetime. It can help you better understand your soul self and how to take action to manifest what you wanted to accomplish in this life.

Frequency Reading – The frequency readings is when I look at your overall energy patterns to find areas that are strong and in forward motion and areas that are weaker and could use some work. I’ll go over how these patterns are manifesting in your life and also give you any impressions that I receive that will help you improve the weak areas so you can raise your frequency.

Past Life Readings All past life readings are very detailed in the information that I receive. I give you as much information as I can regarding the past life. This includes professions, names, years, geographical regions, relationships and anything else that comes through. In the mini past life reading I look for one past life. Sometimes, more than one will come through. The Detailed Past Life Reading when I ask to see all the past lives that are relevant to you in your spiritual growth at this point in your life. During this reading I can get anywhere from three or more past lives. I do not put a limit on the number that come through and give you all the information that I see.

Mini Past Life Reading – It’s the same reading as the Past Life Reading above except I only look for ONE past lifetime.

Spirit Guide Reading – While I quite often connect with guides during my readings, in this reading I specifically seek out as many of your guides that want to show up, introduce you to them, and give you as much information as they give me to help you on your life path. They provide all of the information. This isn’t a reading where you can ask them questions. You can give me questions and I can put them out there but there’s no guarantee that the questions will be answered by  your guides. They talk, I listen and type as fast as I can. Please note: If you order this reading, you will have to wait until your guides actually show up before I can do the reading. This is how it works: I get your order and read what you wrote on the form. Then I put a request out into the Universe and ask your guides to come to me and give me any information that they may have for you. Sometimes they will show up quickly but I have to warn you that sometimes I’ve waited days before they showed up and a few times no one ever appeared. If, for any reason, they don’t show up  after a week, I’ll refund your money, and if they do show up later on down the road, the reading is on me. That’s only fair.

Mini Spirit Guide Reading – It’s the same reading as the Spirit Guide Reading above except I only seek out ONE of your guides instead of all of them.

Number Messages Reading – In this reading I look for numbers that are specific to you at this point in time on your soul’s journey. I do not put a limit on how many numbers come through in this reading and will give you as much information as I receive about each one and how they relate to your current path.

Mini Number Messages Reading – In this reading I look for one to three numbers that are specific to you at this point in time on your soul’s journey.

Focused Specific Question Clairvoyant Readings A focused specific question clairvoyant reading is when you ask me a very focused and specific question and I use my intuitive abilities to tell you what I see surrounding that focused, specific question. I offer these readings beginning with a Yes/No reading, then from one  question and up to ten questions. Since I re-opened my website to readings in mid-May 2023, there has been a lot of confusion about this type of readings and instead of asking a very specific and focused question, customers are asking broad questions about general topics,  so I’m going to try to offer some clarity about how a question should be asked by giving examples below.  It is taking a lot of time for me to explain this over and over again on an individual basis so now I will refer people to this page. To be very clear: I will not answer topic types of questions when someone purchases a focused specific question reading. I do an overview of topics in the  general clairvoyant reading if you want topic type of questions answered. Here are some examples of focused specific questions versus topic questions:

Examples of Focused Specific Questions: 1) I have a job interview on Friday. Is there anything extra that I should do to prepare for it? 2) I have been invited to an event with friends but I feel a bit uneasy about going. What are your impressions about my attending or not attending this event? 3) I’m considering getting a new puppy. Is this a good idea at this time? 4) What can I release to move forward on my spiritual path? 5) What are my intuitive strengths? 6) Do I have an intuitive ability that I’m not aware of?

Examples of Broad, Generalized, Topic type Questions: 1) Can you tell me about my love life? 2) Can you give me info about my job/career? 3) What does the future hold for me in all areas of my life? – These are TOPICS (love life, career, future), not focused specific questions.

Please do not ask general questions that are about a topic instead of a focused specific question for this reading.  If I receive questions phrased this way I will ask you to resubmit them prior to doing your reading. If you resubmit and they’re still topics and not specific questions, I will refund your money and not do the reading. Thanks for understanding about this.

The Year Ahead Oracle Card Reading – This reading is for a period of one year starting in the month that you order and going forward for a total of twelve months. During this reading I will intuitively select one deck for each of the 12 months from all of the decks I own. I will then draw three cards from the deck to give you an idea of how things currently stand, what action(s) you can take and the possible outcome(s) you can expect during that month. You also receive any additional intuitive information that I receive for you in addition to the card meanings. At the end of the reading I will give you a summary of the year ahead.

Oracle Card Reading from an Intuitively Selected Deck – This reading is when you want an oracle card reading but want me to intuitively select the deck. I have a LOT of oracle card decks and will focus on your energy prior to selecting the deck and then I’ll chose the one that I am guided to select. I will then pull as many cards as I feel are necessary for the reading and will then interpret the spread for you.

Rune Readings – For these readings you will need to send me one very specific and focused question that you want to be addressed by the rune spread. These readings are done by drawing and/or casting the runes and then reading their meanings based on the lay of the rune and the symbol on the stone. There are three options for this reading – a 3 rune spread, a 6 rune spread and a 9 rune spread.

Animal Frequency® Oracle Card/Bibliomancy ReadingsDuring this reading I use the Animal Frequency® Oracle deck that I created to go along with my book Animal Frequency®. I will intuitively draw cards during this reading and then interpret the spread for you. There are three different options you can choose from with this reading – a three card spread, a five card spread, and an eight plus card spread (minimum of eight cards but I may draw more if guided to do so). There are also times that I feel drawn to do the reading using bibliomancy and opening my Animal Frequency book at random to determine the animal guides that want to connect to you. So for this reading I will use either or both of these methods.

Animal Frequency® Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides Readings – During an Animal Frequency® Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides reading I intuitively connect with your animal guides to obtain any messages that they want you to know and information about that will be helpful to you on your spiritual path at this point in time. I never know what guides will show up – it may be an eagle or wolf or it might be a cricket or worm – and many times it’s an animal that you may not expect. For example if you know that wolf is one of your guides but a hummingbird shows up, then that hummingbird is also a guide for you at this time in addition to the wolf that you already know about. Whatever animal shows up it is because it has a message that needs to be delivered to you.

Animal Frequency® Pet Readings – During an Animal Frequency® Pet reading I intuitively connect with your pet  to obtain information about problems that may be bothering them or any other information that may be important to their well being and your understanding of your pet. I will also provide you with any information that they want you to know about them. This is an animal communication reading at the level of the divine.

Chakra Divination Readings – Chakra Divination® is an ancient method of intuitive evaluation, which is used to energize, balance and cleanse the seven major chakras. Even though it’s an ancient technique, it’s also new, unique and non-traditional when compared to conventional methods of chakra work. This method was given to me from the higher realms as a way to examine the chakras through the use of intuition to uncover problems, find a course of action and to obtain ultimate balance within each chakra. This benefits the person doing the reading on a spiritual level. The artwork and card meanings were also divinely guided. Chakra Divination®is a system you can use when your normal functioning energy flow feels disturbed. Through the use of the Chakra Divination® charts, spreads and cards you can understand how to focus on the chakras using your intuition and perform intuitive chakra reading for yourself and others. There are four different options for a Chakra Divination Reading as follows:

Four Card Chakra Spread is when I draw four cards to look at what’s going on within one chakra. The first card drawn is the chakra card that will be looked into. If you know which chakra you want me to specifically look into you can let me know on the form and I will select that card and intuitively draw the other three.

Lotus Petal Spread which is seven (7) cards. The Lotus Petal Spread looks into one chakra but gives two readings on that chakra.

Full Chakra Spread which is a  28 card reading. The Full Chakra Spread reading looks at all seven chakras and gives information about each one.

The Chakra Circle Spread reading is a thirty-two (32) card spread that  looks at all seven chakras and gives information about each one to bring ultimate balance to the whole person. This reading is a more in-depth than the Full Chakra Spread reading.

Dream Interpretation – This is when you tell me your dream and I interpret it for you in as much detail as possible. Prior to ordering this reading, make sure the dream isn’t just what I call a “pizza dream” that was caused by something you ate too late at night. If I sense that the dream is just a pizza dream, I’ll tell you and refund your money. 🙂 This reading is available as two different options for both simple dreams and complex dreams.

Business Success Clairvoyant Reading – A business success reading is used to determine if an existing business or a start up business will be successful. This reading can also tell you details about how to get the business on track. With this reading, the more information you give me about the business the more detailed the reading will be – especially if it’s an existing business with problems.

Paranormal Phenomena Interpreted I offer three types of interpretations based on the depth of the situation.

Simple – This is when you tell me of a simple psychic or paranormal event you experienced and I tell you what it was and/or what it means. For example – a shadow out of your peripheral vision.

Involved – This is when you tell me of a psychic or paranormal event you experienced that is a little more complicated that a simple psychic phenomena reading. I tell you what it was and/or what it means. For example – you were house hunting and experienced something odd while visiting the house.

Complicated – This is when you tell me about a fullblown intense psychic or paranormal event and I interpret it for you. This could be dream visitations, hauntings, and recurring situations that you experience.