Types of Readings

IMPORTANT NOTE: With ALL of the readings that I do, you will need to complete the Reading Request Form before I can do the reading. You will need to complete this form, even if you have ordered a reading where you do not submit questions because I need to verify your age prior to actually doing the reading. The complete updated list of types of readings is in my shopping cart on both this site and at APsychicHaven.com. Thanks!

The following is a description of all of the types of readings that I offer. If you click on the name of the reading it will take you to my psychic site where you can order.

Specific Question Clairvoyant Readings:

My psychic abilities come to me in different forms. I tune into a person’s vibrational energy to receive information about them and I do not have to be face to face with you to do this. That’s why I’m able to do readings by email. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empathic, a Conscious Channel Medium and have Clairscent, Clairtangency and Precognition abilities. For definitions of these terms look here. I also have the ability to tap into a person’s past lives to give you information that may be of help to you in this lifetime. When I’m doing a reading, I use all of these abilities simultaneously. A specific question clairvoyant reading is when you ask me a question and I use my clairvoyant abilities to tell you what I see surrounding the situation. I’m currently not doing cold readings (which is where you tell me nothing and I just do the reading) because of time restrictions (I’m also a full time author and own two other businesses with my husband.) The following types of readings are available clairvoyantly. When you submit the reading request form, please do not ask general questions. For instance: Where do you see my love life in the future? Where is my career going over the next year? What does the future hold for me in all areas of my life? I don’t do these types of readings under specific question reading. They would fall under the general clairvoyant reading. If I receive questions phrased this way I will ask you to resubmit them as specific questions prior to doing your reading. Thanks for understanding about this.

Business Success Clairvoyant Reading – A business success reading is one that is done clairvoyantly and is used to determine if an existing business or a start up business will be successful. This reading can tell you details about how to get the business on track. With this reading, the more information you give me about the business the more detailed the reading will be – especially if it’s an existing business with problems.

General Clairvoyant Reading – The general clairvoyant reading is where I look into several areas of your life which may include finances, love life, career, relationships, travel and your energy motion. This is an overall reading on different aspects of your life. This readings usually takes a minimum of two hours to do and is
quite detailed.

Past Life ReadingsAll past life readings are very detailed in the information that I receive. I give you as much information as I can regarding the past life. This includes professions, names, years, geographical regions, relationships and anything else that comes through. In the mini past life reading I look for one past life. Sometimes, more than one will come through. The Detailed Past Life Reading when I ask to see all the past lives that are relevant to you in your spiritual growth at this point in your life. During this reading I can get anywhere from three or more past lives. I do not put a limit on the number that come through and give you all the information that I see.

Spirit Guide Reading – While I quite often connect with guides during my readings, in this reading I specifically seek out your guides, introduce you to them, and give you as much information as they give me to help you on your life path.

Pet Readings – During a pet reading I connect with your animal to obtain information about problems that may be bothering them or any other information that may be important to their well being and your understanding of your pet.

Dream Interpretation – This is when you tell me your dream and I interpret it for you.

Psychic Phenomena Interpreted I offer three types of interpretations based on the depth of the situation. Simple – This is when you tell me of a simple psychic or paranormal event you experienced and I tell you what it was and/or what it means. For example – a shadow out of your peripheral vision. Involved – This is when you tell me of a psychic or paranormal event you experienced that is a little more complicated that a simple psychic phenomena reading. I tell you what it was and/or what it means. For example – you were house hunting and experienced something odd while visiting the house. Complicated – This is when you tell me about a fullblown intense psychic or paranormal event and I interpret it for you. This could be dream visitations, hauntings, and recurring situations that you experience.