Are you currently available for reading?

I do readings when I have time. If I am doing readings it will say “Add to Cart” under the reading. You would then click on the picture and go to the main product page of the reading you’d like to order. Complete the Reading Request From and then you can add the reading to the cart and check out. If I’m unavailable for readings it will say “Read More” on the shopping page and if you click on the main product page it will say “Out of Stock”. That’s how you’ll know my availability for readings.

How quickly will I receive my reading?

Due to the volume of readings I receive when I’m doing readings, I’ve had to extend my response time to a maximum of one week (seven days from the order date). You might get your reading within an hour after requesting it, then again, it might be the full seven days. The turnaround time depends on how many orders I have waiting in line when your order is placed. I do my best to get the orders out as quickly as possible so you don’t have to wait long but I also need time between readings so that each reading is clear. I normally do readings Monday through Friday and reserve the weekends for family. If I have extra time on the weekends I’ll go ahead and do any readings that come in so you don’t have to wait but usually any readings ordered close to or during the weekends will be done on Monday mornings. Thanks for understanding.

What does the Ct. Psy. after your name mean?

It stands for Certified Psychic. I received my certification as a professional psychic from PSI – Psychic Society International in 1993. Unfortunately, they have since gone out of business and I no longer use that title.

What type of payments do you accept?

I accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover through PayPal which is a secure online credit card processing center. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. I use them because of the secure encryptions they use for payments.

What if I decide to cancel my request for a reading?

Just send me an email and tell me you want to cancel. If I haven’t started your reading, then I’ll refund your money. I always check my email prior to doing a reading to make sure you haven’t decided to cancel. However, if you decided to cancel after I’ve done your reading, then your credit card will still be charged. Please make positively sure that you want the reading prior to ordering it and that you are using your own credit card and that all the information is correct.

I want to ask a question about someone else. Will you read them for me?

Nope. Would you want an intuitive to read you for someone else, telling them things about you without your knowledge? I wouldn’t and that’s why I will not read someone else without their permission. It’s not ethical in my opinion. When you order a reading the reading is for you and you alone. I read situations from your point of view. This includes parents and children. If a parent orders a reading and wants information about their child, regardless of the child’s age, I will not do the reading but will refund your money. If you are asking a question that concerns what you can do to have a better relationship with your child – then that’s a question about you and I can read that. I am very strict about this policy so don’t ask me about your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, significant other, acquaintance, child or friend. Don’t ask me about anyone other than yourself. If they’d like to have a reading done I’d be happy to read for them but I’m not going to look into their life because someone else is being nosey. Thanks for understanding about this.

Do you believe in God?

I absolutely believe in God. I also believe that the Universe works in ways to help us. I have since I was a child. I believe that my abilities are a gift from God and that He uses me to help people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this. I also believe that there are negative forces out there and you have to be careful. That’s why, when I do a reading, I surround myself in God’s protective light and ask him to keep all negative energies away from me.

Doesn’t it scare you to be able to see spirits and know the things that you do?

It doesn’t now but when I first developed this ability I was scared to death almost all of the time because I didn’t know how to deal with what was happening to me. I mean, when you dream of a woman who needs help and then see her corpse the next day on a school field trip to the morgue, you will get freaked out! But when that same woman comes back to you that night and thanks you for helping her then it’s all worth it and you feel less afraid. I have lost my fear through lots of experiences,  research, and the fact that things happen with me on a daily basis. When it happens all the time you get used to it. It took me a while to become clear and centered with my abilities. That’s why I did only free readings for those years. Now I feel completely at home and confident with my abilities and know it all happens for a reason. I’m just glad I’m able to help others with this ability.

Do you ever teach others how to develop their own intuitive abilities?

Yes, I do. I feel everyone has intuitive abilities, they just need to open up to the possibilities. Some of us are just more in tune than others. That’s why I started writing books and submitted to Llewellyn. I was honored that they took me on as one of their authors because it enabled me to reach a worldwide audience.

What if I think your reading was wrong and want to tell you about it?

I love to get feedback on my readings whether it is positive or negative. Your responses let me know if my abilities are on track or not. Just email me with your thoughts. Since I began doing readings online I’ve never had anyone tell me that I was completely off base. I’ve had them tell me that some aspect of the reading didn’t apply but 9 times out of 10, I received an email later on saying that what they thought didn’t apply had actually happened. However, I wouldn’t have known this if the people I read for hadn’t told me. My accuracy level is around 95% based on my clients feedback. No intuitive is right 100% of the time, I’ll be the first one to tell you that, and if someone tells you they are 100% accurate or they promise you the world, then don’t have a reading done with them because they’re not telling you the truth.

How often can I get a reading?

I don’t put a limit on how many readings you can get but I don’t think that anyone should get dependent on an intuitive for their daily routine nor should they base important life decisions strictly based on what any intuitive says to them. Use common sense. I don’t try to get you to buy one reading after another like some intuitives do nor will I give you a negative reading just to say I can help you more if you order again. When people tell you that, they’re not for real but are trying to rip you off. To me, it’s about helping not making money. Therefore, if I feel that someone is becoming dependent on my readings I will discuss the matter with them and have them wait a while before purchasing another reading.

What do I need to do for a reading?

First you should relax then clear your mind and focus on your question and the situation surrounding your request for a reading. Then imagine the energy that you have created from around this question flowing into the computer screen. Focus the energy into the screen detaching it from yourself, then release it while imagining that it is traveling to me. That’s it! For best results from your reading I do ask that you follow these guidelines:

1. Request a reading with an open mind. No intuitive on this earth is 100% right and although we may be very accurate not everything is going to be perfectly matched to your life. I will not have every answer that you are looking for but I may have several that will help you. God gave us all free will and it is up to us to do with our lives as we see fit. I can’t fix your problems, nor can anyone else, but I can offer the impressions that I receive as possible solutions or pathways. Ultimately, it’s all up to you and how you react to your situation and the decisions you make in your life. Your destiny is in your control. It’s your choice as to how you will use the information you receive in your reading, whether that means keeping it or discarding it.

2. Remember that some of the things that I receive may not be happening right at this specific moment in your life, but I am being given the information because you are supposed to have it. It could be an event that will be coming up in your future or what I am seeing may be a variation of a situation you’re currently experiencing. For instance – I may see you looking for a new car and I see it as white when you are actually looking for a tan car. The fact is you are looking for a car – right? Or you may be looking for a new job and I see you working as an attorney. But you’re a secretary at a doctor’s office and have no interest in the legal field. So you think this could never apply to you. But say in six months the doctor moves to another state and closes his office and you are offered a position as a secretary in an attorney’s office? Well, that part of your reading didn’t apply to you six months ago but it sure applies now doesn’t it? Those are the kind of things I’m talking about and why it’s important to keep an open mind.

3. Don’t try to purposefully trick me just to prove me wrong. What good is that going to do? Make you feel proud so you can call me a fake? That’s ok if you want to have an attitude like that but if that is your attitude I am requesting that you do not order a reading from me. It’s a waste of my time. As I have just said – there are no psychics that are 100% accurate. Only God is that accurate. If you come into the reading thinking that I’m going to be wrong then you are blocking your vibrational energy and it makes it harder for me to do your reading.

4. Don’t expect me to tell you only what you want to hear. I will give you all the information I receive because I feel it is my duty. I don’t think I would be given the information if it is not important and relevant to your life. I made an agreement with myself many years ago that I would tell everything I received even if the information isn’t that great. I can only be true to myself and my gift by being truthful and honest with you and I believe that this is how God wants me to relay this gift.

5. Enjoy your reading, print it out and save it for future reference. And if you feel that I was of help to you then send me an email to let me know or come back and see me again in the future.

What will I receive?

You will receive all of the impressions I receive. Sometimes I receive information that may not have anything to do with the questions you ask. If this extra information is sent to me, I’ll include it with your completed reading. I will not edit the reading. The times I’ve edited readings and changed things to what I thought was the correct spelling instead of typing it as I saw it – well, what I saw was the correct spelling and my correction was incorrect. You’ll also get the impressions in the order that I receive them. I believe  all the information I receive is important to you although it may make absolutely no sense to me, and maybe not to you either, at the time of the reading. However, I’ve had many people email me back to say that things that I had told them have happened even though they thought it impossible at the time of the reading. So I inform you of everything I receive. I do not put a time limit on my readings, or a word count on what I’ll send back to you, nor do I charge by the minute. If a reading takes five minutes and six sentences to answer then it takes five minutes and six sentences – if it take three hours and fifteen pages then it takes three hours and fifteen pages. I believe that I will only be given the information that you’re supposed to receive at the time I do the readings.

What do you think about people who say you are a “devil worshipper” or that you will “go to hell” for what you do?

You know, living in the Bible belt I have found that a lot of people feel this way about you if you admit that you are intuitive in any way, shape or form. I believe in God, and even though I tell people this, I still get the above statements from people, either directly or indirectly, in the way they act towards me after they find out about my gift. They may think I don’t know but, being intuitive, I do. I believe that when people don’t understand something they have to ridicule and condemn it as evil. I don’t consider myself evil, and I definitely don’t practice or believe in anything that’s evil. I know there is evil out there because you see it every day in the news and you see it in the actions of people around you. I believe these kind of statements are just the ignorance of people who are afraid of things they don’t understand. Some people choose to not to educate themselves about these topics or keep an open mind about people who are different than they are. I never asked for this ability – it was just placed upon me and I had to learn to deal with it, which wasn’t very easy at all. If they want to think or say those things about me, that’s their choice. I chose to not listen to them.

Is this a computer generated report or do you actually do the reading yourself?

This is not a computer generated reading. I actually sit down and do a private reading just for you and type the whole thing up as I receive the impressions. I also don’t have several people sitting here pretending to be me and do the reading. I do all the readings myself and use the gift that God gave me. Every reading is unique to the individual I am reading for and is not some form letter reading. I don’t believe you can benefit from a reading like that and who wants to pay for something that isn’t specifically for them? I know I wouldn’t.

I am confused about something in my reading. Will you clarify it at no additional charge?

I will clarify anything that confused you, at no additional charge, within reason. When I get impressions I type so fast that I can sometimes be unclear just because of the way I phrased a sentence. So I don’t mind clearing up something you didn’t understand – once. However, I have had people email me again and again saying that they are unclear about the same thing that I already clarified. My opinion is that they are just looking for a different answer. I will not clarify a question more than once nor will I change my reading to please you. My original impression is what I stick with and I don’t change things just because you wished it was different. I’m sorry but I must remain true to myself and my gift.

Why do I have to complete the DISCLAIMER, RELEASE & CONFIDENTIALITY READING REQUEST FORM before I can order a reading?

I have had a disclaimer of liability on my site since I launched it because too often people will substitute what they receive during an intuitive reading in lieu of going to a medical professional. I do not do medical readings for this reason.

I believe that everyone has free will and that we can change our fates at any time based upon the decisions that we make on a daily basis. Most of us follow the path of least resistance and that is why reputable intuitives can pick up on possible paths of the situations in a person’s life. I always refer to what I sense as a possible path because it is not an absolute path. If I receive a time frame for you, I will give it to you but understand that time is relative. I may see something happening within the next six months but, based upon decisions you make it your life it may happen in a week or it might take a year or longer or it may happen right at six months, or it may never happen at all. By using your free will during your daily life you can change the outcome of what I see during the reading. My readings are to guide you but ultimately control of your life is in your hands. The impressions that I receive during a reading are to guide you on this path and are not intended to be blindly followed.

In order to ensure that those I read for understand and are fully aware that they have free will and complete control over their lives, I require that everyone submit the Disclaimer, Release & Confidentiality Reading Request Form before I’ll read for them. This form is also to legally protect me. I offer readings as a service to help others and in my readings I only give you what I receive based upon where your energy is at the time of the reading. Your decisions can change this. I don’t advertise my site and feel that if someone is supposed to get a reading with me then they will find me on the web. I do not make my living from the readings and am very ethical in how I deliver my readings and I keep each reading confidential. In return, I only ask that you enter into the reading with and open mind and with a complete understanding of what the reading is and isn’t as outlined in the release form and on my policy page. By asking you to complete this form I am ensured you understand you are in control of your life. It is a legal document that will hold up in a court of law. And that is why a signed release form is mandatory for every reading that I do. If it bothers you that I ask for a release form then I would prefer that you don’t order a reading with me.