Statement of Ethics

As a clairvoyant, intuitive counselor who places great value on integrity, effectiveness, honesty and who has high morals, I make the following promises to you, my customers:

  • I will keep the confidentiality of my clients names and all information shared with me or received by me during the readings unless requested by the clients or required by a court of law.

  • I will be honest at all times and keep the best interests of my clients at the center of my work by conducting myself in a professional manner without intending or causing harm while treating my clients equally and with respect regardless of race, origin, gender, age, sexual preference or opinions which may differ from my own.

  • I do not “guess” during your reading but will pass along information that I am given in as much detail as possible.

  • I will respect my clients desire to stop their reading, refuse to receive their reading or change their mind about their reading at any time even if they’ve already agreed to have the reading.

  • I will not falsely advertise my services, misrepresent what I do, my qualifications, credentials, certifications or education.

  • I will make sure that my rates are clearly stated and that they are fair, reasonable and in line with the current rates of other readers.

  • I will not read others without their permission.

  • I will not read children under the age of 18.

  • I will not conduct legal, financial, medical, psychological, or health related readings that I am not qualified to provide but will instead recommend that my clients consult a licensed professional in said area.

  • If qualified to answer professional questions I will differentiate between the professional advice and the reading so that it is clear to my clients.

  • I will not allow my clients to become dependent upon my services.

  • I will help empower others to make their own choices.

  • I will ensure that client confidentiality is protected at all times.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to conduct a reading for any reason.

  • I will take care of myself so I can give effective, clear readings by continually working on my own expansion of my abilities and increased knowledge so that I will grow and progress along my own spiritual path.


Melissa Alvarez