Conduct energy readings using cards and charts with the Chakra Divination Products

I’ve created a new divination method. Here’s the info about it and the products available or planned. It’ll only be that way until they start showing up in the online retailer stores.

Chakra Divination is an ancient method of intuitive evaluation, which is used to energize, balance and cleanse the seven major chakras. Even though it’s an ancient technique, it’s also new, unique and non-traditional when compared to conventional methods of chakra work. This method was given to me from the higher realms as a way to examine the chakras through the use of intuition to uncover problems, find a course of action and to obtain ultimate balance within each chakra. This benefits the person doing the reading on a spiritual level. The artwork and card meanings were also divinely guided. Chakra Divination is a system you can use when your normal functioning energy flow feels disturbed. Through the use of the Chakra Divination charts, spreads and cards you can understand how to focus on the chakras using your intuition and perform intuitive chakra reading for yourself and others.

The Chakra Divination Cards & Charts Activity Book (ISBN: 978-1-59611-038-0) is perfect for those who are like to take part in the creation of their own cards. The activity book includes a small font version of The Essential Guide To Chakra Divination, all 82 Chakra Divination Cards and the Chakra Divination Charts printed in full vivid color. Because this is an activity book, you will take an active part in making the Chakra Divination Card deck your own by trimming the cards and charts out of the book, and at the same time, give them intention that is specific only to your soul’s energy, thereby connecting the cards and charts to you on a deep spiritual level. You also have the option of writing your own personal message to yourself on the back of the cards. It is recommended that you lightly laminate the pages after writing your messages on the back and prior to cutting out the cards to make them last forever. When you use the cards in a spread, your intuition during the drawing and laying of the cards will be more intense and accurate because you actually took an active role in the preparation of the card deck. Melissa may have designed the deck but you are making it your own through creation. While not a typical way to bring out a divination card deck, the Chakra Divination Cards & Charts Activity Book will give you a one of a kind personalized deck to work with as you balance your chakras. This deck will be forever uniquely your own.

Chakra Divination Ultimate Balance Journal is a must have companion to the Chakra Divination Cards and Essential Guide. With three months of journaling space, you will be able to write down your reading, make plans and record your progress in bringing balance to your chakra energy.

The Essential Guide To Chakra Divination (ISBN: 978-1-59611-037-3) contains five chapters including the card meanings and spreads. Learn the signs, symptoms and solutions that your chakras are out of balance, discover how to bring them back to center by using the Chakra Divination Cards and and the basics of crystals and stones in chakra work. This book is the complete text as originally written for those who want a fuller understanding of chakras and how to work with them through Chakra Divination to attain ultimate balance. This book is printed in a regular size font, unlike the text included in the Chakra Divination Cards & Charts Activity Book. It is a great companion for those who want a smaller sized, easier to read book to carry with their deck.

The Chakra Divination Laminated Charts are designed to be used with Chakra Divination readings and are printed in vivid color. You will receive two laminated sheets, one chart per side, for a total of four charts. During your readings you can flip from one side to the other depending on the chart you need.

Chakra Divination Card Deck (ISBN: 978-1-59611-109-7) – Coming Soonconsists of 82  manufactured cards including the card meanings and spreads on a mini book/ instruction sheet.  The Essential Guide To Chakra Divination (contains four additional chapters) and the Chakra Divination Laminated Charts are available separately.

Chakra Divination Gift Set Coming SoonThis gift set contains The Essential Guide To Chakra Divination, The Chakra Divination Card Deck and the Chakra Divination Laminated Charts.

Chakra Divination Deluxe Gift Set Coming SoonThe deluxe gift set contains The Essential Guide To Chakra Divination, The Chakra Divination Card Deck, The Chakra Divination Laminated Charts, The Chakra Divination Ultimate Balance Journal and an organza or satin bag to store the cards. (Some items may ship separately.)