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Melissa Alvarez is a bestselling, award winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on self-help, spirituality and wellness. As a professional intuitive coach, energy worker, spiritual advisor, medium, and animal communicator with over twenty-five years of experience, Melissa has helped thousands of people bring clarity, joy, and balance into their lives. Melissa teaches others how to connect with their own intuitive nature and how to work with frequency for spiritual growth. She has appeared on numerous radio shows as both a guest and host. Melissa is the author of 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Your Psychic Self, Animal Frequency, Believe and Receive, The Simplicity of Cozy, Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals and Earth Frequency. Melissa’s books have been translated into Romanian, Russian, Chinese, French, and Czech. She lives in South Florida with her family, dogs, and horses. Visit her online at . Her Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards are available at


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Deepen your connection to the world around you, expand your consciousness, and grow spiritually by consciously engaging with the Earth’s energy. This groundbreaking book presents the various forms of Earth frequency and how working with this energy leads to amazing improvements in your happiness, self-confidence, and spirituality. Melissa Alvarez becomes your personal tour guide to power places and sacred sites all over the world, from Antelope Canyon in Arizona to Mount Olympus in Greece.

Earth Frequency lets you explore many unique and interesting locations that are overflowing with the positivity of the planet’s energy. You’ll learn to connect with Earth’s energy through visualizations and exercises designed to increase your intuition and open you to the transformational power of the space. This book is great for broadening your horizons and transforming your nature-based practice.


“For decades, I’ve combed books, tomes, and ancient manuscripts to guide me in my travels to power places and sacred sites. Melissa’s book has now replaced all other resources, for in one volume, she includes everything a seeker requires to connect with transformative earth energies. From a rousing discussion of energy to the specific descriptions of 250 sites, she can assure you of indescribable experiences. I’ve always been a pilgrim of this earth and now I’m even more excited about my next journeys. Bravo!”—Cyndi Dale, bestselling author of The Complete Book of Chakra Healing


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Obtain Your Heart’s Greatest Desires by Embracing Your Universal Power

The universe wants you to achieve everything you desire in life, and with this practical book’s guidance, you can. Believe and Receive is a powerful reference book that examines forty natural laws of the universe through a realistic approach. These natural laws can be used to help you see the opportunities in any situation and work with intention toward your goals.

Melissa Alvarez dedicates a chapter to each natural law, providing description and history, an associated affirmation, useful application tips, and try-it-now exercises. Believe and Receive makes it easy to work with the laws and understand how they connect you to the universe. Once you learn how to properly combine your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations with positive energy, you’l grow spiritually and live a successful, abundant life.

“An inspired book brimming with practical application. Universal, spiritual laws can work in our favor, or against us, and Melissa Alvarez shows us how to make them work for us, every time.”—Nathalie W. Herrman, author of The Art of Good Habits

“What distinguishes Believe anod Receive from the many laws of attraction books is its spiritual underpinnings . . . It is a wonderful blend of Divine inspiration and down-to-earth, practical application.”—Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, psychotherapist and author of Soul Visioning

“Melissa Alvarez shows you how to integrate spiritual laws and principles into easy daily practice for immediate and long-term results. Stop struggling and start living!”—Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Guide to Psychic Power

“A comprehensive yet easy to understand guidebook . . . Align your life with these forty spiritual principles and watch as your life spins from ordinary to exceptional. Keep this easy to follow reference guide close at hand.”—Della Temple, award-winning author of Tame Your Inner Critic and Walking in Grace with Grief



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Explore the world of spirit animals and how they can guide you to live your best life. Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals is the perfect, pocket-sized tool to connect you to your spirit animals, whether they are lifelong companions or sent to deliver a single, specific message.

Spirit animals can help you feel more balanced, peaceful, and confident in everything that you do. This convenient, hardcover reference book features more than 200 entries for wild, domestic, and mythical animals, allowing you to understand what each one symbolizes, how it may appear to you, and how to best use its guidance and energy. You’ll also find tips throughout the book and information on color and element meanings for each animal.






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Connect with the Spiritual Energy of Coziness for More Joy, Contentment, and Satisfaction

Make cozy your way of life with this inspiring guide on connecting to the positive energy of simple, everyday moments. Known around the world as hygge (hoo-ga), lagom (lay-go-m), and other similar terms, cozy and balanced living helps you improve your health, happiness, and spirituality by understanding and feeling the frequency of people, animals, places, and situations.

The Simplicity of Cozy is a beginner’s guide to self-care that presents a variety of topics relating to and supporting cozy living, including mindfulness, simple ritual, home environment, relationship connections, and being in nature. Easy exercises and practical techniques are featured throughout, helping you make more soulful connections and find appreciation in all you are and all you experience.




Animal Frequency: Identify, Attune, and Connect to the Energy of Animals

Specs: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780738749280 | English  |  432 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: March 2017
Price:$24.99 US,  $28.95 CAN

Buy at: Llewellyn | Amazon

Discover the energetic power of animals and how to connect with their frequencies in order to grow spiritually. This easy-to-use, A to Z reference guide contains encyclopedic listings for nearly two hundred animals—wild, domestic, and mythical—and easy techniques and visualizations for building relationships with them, including energetically bonding with your pets. All animals possess a distinctive energy vibration that can connect with yours, allowing you to communicate with them and understand their role in your spiritual development.
“When understanding subtle energy and its effects, we can bridge the gap between our reality and that of the animals. This is where we find the magic. Animal Frequency gives meaning to these experiences.”—Dr. Dennis W. Thomas, doctor of veterinary medicine, author of Whole-Pet Healing
Praise for Animal Frequency

Animal Frequency is an important book that you’ll read for pleasure, and will refer to for the rest of your life.”—Richard Webster, bestselling author of Spirit & Dream Animals

Animal Frequency is a valuable addition to any animal magic practitioner’s bookshelf. [Melissa] presents a unique approach to working with animal spirits.”—Lupa, author of New Paths to Animal Totems

“Animals communicate with us on many different spiritual and energetic levels . . . Animal Frequency is a powerful resource that will enable you to embrace their infinite wisdom and divine essence on a higher level.  The guided meditations will allow you to connect to the frequency of the Animal Kingdom to learn how to open your heart and mind to their powerful messages.”—Karen Anderson, animal communicator and psychic medium

Animal Frequency opens our minds to both the rich possibility of communicating more easily with our animal friends and to recognizing their powerful symbolic meanings as they appear in our lives. You’ll enjoy the personal stories about how animals influence our lives—and begin to pay closer attention to the ways that they show up to bring messages. Animal Frequency is a fun reference book to keep on the shelf.”—Debra Moffitt, award-winning author of Garden of Bliss and Awake in the World

“Melissa has given us a wonderful reference to help us tap into the frequency of our incredible animal kingdom. As a practicing psychic, I receive many messages using animals to help me and having this as a go to guide will be a necessary part of my practice!  I recommend this book to anyone who is developing or understanding their own intuitive gifts as Melissa has gone above and beyond to help us connect to our animals in a way no other has before-she gives us different, relevant ways to interpret each animal’s energy.  This book will be one you will want to keep in your collection always!”—Melanie Barnum, author of Psychic Vision and The Pocket Book of Psychic Development


Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards

This is a Limited First Edition print run of 250 decks numbered and signed by the author. The cards come in a hinged tin with a window in the front and with a black organza carrying bag. The Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards are intended to help you do readings so you can connect with your Energy Animals on a regular basis. The talent and challenges sections of each card will help you recognize the talents and positive traits you share with the animal as well as the challenges you may face when the animal is encountered. When you select a card, that animal is guiding you in the situation or through that day. Allow your energy to attune with its frequency and receive its message. Listen to your intuition during the process and trust in what you sense and feel. Your intention when you start the reading is important. If you’re asking for your Energy Animal to show up then you share the frequency of that animal. If you’re asking for guidance, then any animal can show up to offer assistance and you can intuitively attune your frequency to the animal’s frequency.

Imprint: Adrema Press
Specs: Oracle Cards | ISBN: 9781596111318 | English  |  44 Card Deck | 2.75 x 4.75 IN
Pub Date: March 2017
Price:$29.99 US

Buy at

Praise for the Animal Frequency ® Oracle Cards

“Just letting you know I received your amazing cards yesterday morning and spent some time using them. They are beautiful and the messages I received were incredibly accurate for my current situation. I am an intuitive card reader, so I look forward to conducting readings with your wonderful cards.” ~ Marie

“I’m stunned at how accurate they are–well, not that I expected less from Melissa. I’ve read several of her books, which are quite good. These are fast becoming my favorite deck.” – Tarah


Your Psychic Self

Specs: ISBN: 9780738731896 | English | 264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2013
Price:$14.99 US,  $17.50 CAN

Buy at: Llewellyn | Amazon

Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic? Discover Your Intuitive Abilities Now!

Recognize and enhance your natural intuitive talents with this essential guide, which is specially designed to strengthen your psychic edge in daily life. With an easy, conversational tone, professional intuitive Melissa Alvarez helps you find where your skills and interests lie within the psychic and metaphysical worlds.

Your Psychic Self is great for beginners or as an all-around reference. This valuable manual shows you the various ways psychic ability can manifest, and also teaches how you can work with these abilities. Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • How to identify signs of psychic intuition and experiences
  • How to protect yourself from negative influences
  • Practice exercises and techniques to develop your abilities in everyday life
  • Types of intuitive communication and spirit beings with whom you can connect

Praise for Your Psychic Self:

“This comprehensive reference book contains excellent information to help anyone—regardless of their degree of expertise—to recognize, enhance, harness, and clarify their intuitive abilities.”—Tess Whitehurst, author of The Good Energy Book and The Art of Bliss

“This book covers all aspects of intuitive abilities. Perfect for the inquisitive beginner.”—Elizabeth Owens, author of Spiritualism and Clairvoyance for Beginners


365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency: Simple Tools to Increase Your Spiritual Energy for Balance, Purpose, and Joy

Specs: ISBN: 9780738727400 | English | 432 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 IN
Pub Date: January 2012
Price:$16.95 US,  $19.50 CAN

Buy at: Llewellyn | Amazon

Connect with your core spiritual self and increase your vibrational rate with 365 easy ideas quick enough to enjoy every day. When you use this guide to raise your frequency, you empower yourself to turn positive energy into happiness and abundance.

Elevated spiritual energy attracts purpose and joy into your life. Use these inspiring daily entries to create positive intention as you discover:

  • How to identify your present frequency and build a foundation for growth
  • Simple exercises for letting go of the negative energy that lowers your frequency
  • Techniques for interpreting messages from your spirit guides
  • Creative ways to use crystals, stones, and colors to attract positive energy

Praise for 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

“… an eclectic and insightful perspective on the many ways we can connect to our core spiritual essence by raising our vibration emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Some primary keys to success are to practice, trust and believe in your Inner Self!” ~ Dawn James, Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

“…a must read for everyone who wants to move forward on the path of life. …a daily roadmap for achieving happiness and success through simply shifting our vibrations. Not just another “how to” book, there are 365 engaging methods of doing so. Brilliant and highly recommended for all!”~Dyan Garris, author and New Age musician

“As a professional Tarot consultant, I am always on the lookout for other modalities that I can segue into my own work with Tarot. Melissa Alvarez has given me exactly what I need and 365 ways to do it. Deceptively simple, this book can help you on your own path.” ~ Stephanie Arwen Lynch, President, American Tarot Association

“I’ve been working with energy for over 30 years and am always looking for new ways and tools to help raise my frequency to the next level. Melissa Alvarez offers a fantastic approach that can work for anyone regardless where you are in your process. You can use the book as a daily guide, which I really like or select an exercise that best matches your current vibe. My own energy levels fluctuate daily, and that’s what really makes this book such a useful tool, since I don’t have to use it in consecutive order. If you don’t want to use the next exercise in sequence, you can skim through the book until you find one that fits your present vibration or challenges it. I like the way Melissa has written each exercise as though she’s speaking directly to you. It’s easy to understand and allows each person to make the exercise her/his own. I was also excited to see that she included divination tools as some of the exercises. I’ve used these in the past and in retrospect my energy vibe rose during the process. Now, I would never have thought to include these valuable tools as part of energy work, but after reading her approach, which is really unique and clever, I can’t wait to implement the exercises! Finding a book that has something for everyone, especially when it comes to personal energy work is rare, but this book does just that. It’s new, fresh and exciting and has quickly become part of my daily routine as one of my favorite tools for energy work!” ~ NC Gardner at

“I just love this book! Exactly what I’ve been searching for in such a long time. This book is very to the point and so easy to understand and apply. The author does a great job of describing the many ways one can raise their frequency and gives great examples of how to do so as well.” ~ Maureen L at

“I am absolutely loving this! Things are really improving in my positive energy and I’m loving it! I recommend to anyone who needs self improvement and is open to the universe and beyond … and connection with life in general! Awesome, thank you Melissa!!!!” ~ S. Jeffery at


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