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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Number Messages

Messages for the Numbers 0 to 1111 from 3336 Messengers.
Search by Number or Messenger

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Everything in the Universe is connected to the Divine through energy. It is this connection  that allows you to  raise your own frequency when you allow your energy to join with Universal Energy. When you’re seeing repeating number patterns and sequences like 111, 333, 555, 369, 123, 421, 888, or any other number combination, it means that the Universe is trying to get your attention so you can receive the message you need. Energy animals, nature elements, and the Universe will show you signs until you notice there is something bigger at work. You may see the numbers on television, in person, in print, hear them on the radio, on a clock, in phone numbers, on car tags, in songs, on the side of a business vehicle, on road signs, and well, just about everywhere until you stop, pay attention, and actively seek out the message they are trying to deliver. By connecting with the frequency of the number and receiving the message, you will be able to grow on your spiritual path, find solutions to problems, or open your mind to new possibilities.

You can use Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages in multiple ways. You can look up the numbers and their message or you can use the Messenger List Index to look up the messenger to find what number it relates to. Each number message is supported by three messengers. One from the animal kingdom, one from nature, and one from the Universe/Energy for a total of 3336 messengers. You can also use this book as a bibliomancy tool. Ask the Universe to guide you to the number that is important for you today. Then open the book at random for your message.

Also available as a Pocket Edition that is easy to carry with you. The Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages Journal is the perfect tool to use for writing down the messages you’ve received and how they helped you on your spiritual path. Use both the book and journal daily as a reminder that love, abundance, joy, and happiness are only a message away.

Order Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages and the Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages Journal today and discover and record the messages that  numbers, animals, nature, and the Universe are sending to guide you on your spiritual journey.

 Praise for Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages:

Reviewed by: Ephantus M. for Reader Views
5 Stars Exquisite Essence for Greater Self-realization

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez is an indispensable guidebook that deeply inspires and highly educates its audience on the importance of developing one’s intuition for a better understanding of how the elements of the universe are connected, and how they communicate to human beings through repetitive numbers, for greater self-realization, development of psychic self, and growth of their spiritual path.

This impressive text bears well-calculated guidance that will see readers understand the nature and objective of the repeated numbers phenomena, which the author has found to have confused a lot of people and therefore ended up being dismissed as spooky and a probable cause for panic. This book offers an effectual interpretation of common numbers ranging from 0 to 1111 and an exhaustive set of instructions on how to interpret numbers that are outside of that range.

Alvarez is an author who is keen on details and who readers will find ingenious after interacting with her solid masterpiece. She is very practical and undoubtedly creative in writing this resource that aims to bring readers to a quick discovery of their place in the universe as well as the vast benefits of developing a sharp intuition. By the end of the read, Author Melissa’s audience will appreciate the existence and the unlimited benevolence of a higher power than themselves, whose guidance and direction in various situations they may be going through, stands crucial and significant if well comprehended.

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez is not an ordinary numerology guidebook but an exclusive five-star volume whose impact on the world will include a change in perspective for millions of people during their difficult times, waking one up to one’s true nature, and creating certitude and conviction in their minds during tough decision making. This guidebook, however, begs to be read slowly to grasp every bit of its invaluable detail. The meticulous interpretations therein are bound to keep one invested and reflective on their personal experiences with repetitive numbers that they may have encountered on their paths. Readers will want to have this text around at all times for future reference and guidance.

“Everything is made of frequencies. What if you could become conscious of the messengers and numerical frequencies ready to provide deep insights, guidance, and advisement? Melissa’s book is the most astute and practical guidebook I have ever read and employed for receiving these spiritual messages—from over a thousand numbers and three thousand guardians and guides. This is an invaluable roadway to joy and more wondrous than any other.”—Cyndi Dale, author of 30-plus books about energy healing

“This book is impressive!  Melissa has gone above and beyond in providing the answers and all the pieces of the puzzle of living. In Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages, the power of matching vibrations shines a light on your path by using numbers, animals, nature, gemstones, and the Universe to guide you. There are many messages for you in this book. This book is a must-have!”—Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom

“Melissa Alvarez goes beyond the typical numerology descriptors to bring you a whole new way to access your guidance through numbers, Intuition & the universe! One of my favorite methods she uses is to tune in for yourself and intuit how your messages apply to your life! A must keep for your shelf!”—Melanie Barnum, author of The Book of Psychic Symbols

“Melissa Alvarez always imparts an abundance of information to her readers. This book eloquently showcases her expertise in energy frequencies and is filled with her unique insights into hidden messages behind each number. Her interpretations of number frequencies are packed with three powerful messengers. Readers will find her book offers a valuable in-depth understanding that leads to greater self-realization.” —Sally Painter, author and paranormal content writer

“I absolutely LOVE this much-needed book! Melissa has successfully woven the magical messages of numbers with animals, nature, and the universe to reveal a deeper look into how we are constantly being guided in our cosmic dance. She has created a reference book and a guidebook, teaching us how to use our intuition with each meaning she has so wonderfully brought together. This is definitely a book you will want handy at all times!” —Betsey Grady, Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Consultant

“Big and bold, wise and wonderful… What can I say but: Wow, this ain’t your mama’s number book! With well over a thousand entries plus an extensive index, Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages, by Melissa Alvarez, is a brilliant tour de force, an encyclopedic resource as expansive in its scope as it is insightful in its content. And I do mean insightful. I’ve been working with it for several days now and am finding its number messages to be remarkably accurate overall. Also accessible. This is the sort of book that feels as though it’s speaking directly to you, comprehensive and conversational both. Whatever I ask it, I get an astute answer. Besides which, I have to add, it is really fun to use—almost addictive, in fact. Be warned, once you start perusing the pages, you may find it difficult to stop. I know I do. In all honesty, just the act of reading this book raises my frequency. It radiates positive energy. At its core, the book covers the numbers from zero to 1111, and for each and every one, Ms. Alvarez has intuited not only its special message, but also three related synchronicities (additional messengers, if you will, drawn from the realms of animal guides, Nature, and Universal energies), making this a truly unique reference. I know of no other quite like it, and I am so impressed by how well the author knit everything together. The synchronicities dovetail beautifully with the number messages. For the record, I’ve read almost all of Melissa Alvarez’s books, and they never disappoint, but I think this one is my favorite so far. Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages is destined to be a classic. I highly recommend this marvelous book!” —Mimi Riser, author of The Kitchen Witch Collection


It’s time to move quickly to where you want to go. Don’t hold back. Don’t second guess yourself. Let your mind and body flow free and just do what you want. When you second guess your first impressions and feelings you cause confusion in your life. Avoid this if possible so you have a clear path forward.

Animal: Marmoset (primate) Nature: Flying Duck Orchid (plant)
Universe/Energy: Intention (action)

Sometimes growth can only come from looking into the past of your spiritual self, not your physical self in this lifetime. There you will have the ability to move smoothly though difficult waters as you understand what you’ve been though on a soul level to clarify where you’re going in this lifetime. Emotions run deep but when you look to the past, you’ll understand.

Animal: Hooded Nudibranch (sea slug) Nature: Palm Tree
Universe/Energy: Akashic Records

Blend in and take a moment. Something or someone is holding you back from achieving what you truly desire. Evaluate the situation from the background, to discover what it is. Once you know, you can let it go, and move forward on your own path. Obstacles do not hold you back.

Animal: Octopus Nature: Leek (vegetable)
Universe/Energy: Old Books (Scent)

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