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The Spirituality of Coziness: Experience Spiritual Growth through the Energy of Coziness for more Happiness, Contentment, and Satisfaction in Your Home, Relationships, and within Your Spiritual Self

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Companion Journal: The Spirituality of Coziness Journal




The Spirituality of Coziness is a beginner’s guide to connecting to the positive energy of cozy simplicity in everyday moments to achieve a more spiritual, mindful and balanced lifestyle. The Spirituality of Coziness introduces you to cozy cultural practices from around the world that help improve your wellness, happiness and spirituality. Easy exercises and practical techniques featured throughout will help you slow down and appreciate the moments in life while making internal and external soulful connections.

Experience inner spiritual growth by shifting your energy toward simple pleasures and connecting with the frequency of people, places, animals, and situations. This inspiring guide covers a wide variety of topics including mindfulness, simplicity, being in nature, the home environment, and relationship connections will help you embrace a cozy and balanced lifestyle for more happiness, contentment and satisfaction within your spiritual self so you can transform your life.

Previously published as The Simplicity of Cozy by Llewellyn Worldwide. Here is the original cover: