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Animal Frequency: What Are Your Power Animal Spirit Guides Trying to Tell You? Identify, Attune, and Connect to the Energy of Animals

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Have you ever had a specific animal suddenly appear over and over again and wondered if it meant something or the animal had a message for you? Maybe you saw the animal in person, and then heard it mentioned on the radio, television or online, and then picked up a magazine and see a picture of it in there too. When this happens, your animal guides (also called spirit animals or totem animals), which Melissa Alvarez refers to as your energy animals, are trying to send you a message to help in your current circumstances. Every animal, just like every person, has their own unique frequency and energy vibration. When they suddenly appear repeatedly, you can use the process of Animal Frequency®, a heart-to-heart Divine connection,  to communicate with them, receive their messages and understand their role in your spiritual development. Animal Frequency® is a reference book that will help you discover the energetic power of animals and will teach you how to connect with them to receive their messages, connect with their frequencies, which will aid in your own spiritual growth. This second edition of Animal Frequency® is an easy-to-use reference guide containing encyclopedic listings for nearly two hundred wild, domestic and mythical animals, has instructions, visualizations, and easy techniques that will help you build solid relationships with your energy animals. This book teaches you the process of Animal Frequency so you can do readings with the animals and with your pets as well. Animal Frequency® Oracle cards, designed by Melissa Alvarez are also available.

Praise for Animal Frequency:

“In this reference manual, spirituality coach Alvarez explores the meanings and messages she believes can be found in relationships with animals. Providing encyclopedic information on almost 200 species, Alvarez encourages readers to pay attention to the animals that appear in their lives and lays out ways to better bond with their pets. The book also features guided meditations and visualizations.
―Publishers Weekly

“When understanding subtle energy and its effects, we can bridge the gap between our reality and that of the animals. This is where we find the magic. Animal Frequency gives meaning to these experiences.”
―Dr. Dennis W. Thomas, doctor of veterinary medicine, author of Whole-Pet Healing

Animal Frequency opens our minds to both the rich possibility of communicating more easily with our animal friends and to recognizing their powerful symbolic meanings as they appear in our lives. You’ll enjoy the personal stories about how animals influence our lives―and begin to pay closer attention to the ways that they show up to bring messages. Animal Frequency is a fun reference book to keep on the shelf.”
―Debra Moffitt, award-winning author of Garden of Bliss and Awake in the World

“Melissa has given us a wonderful reference to help us tap into the frequency of our incredible animal kingdom. As a practicing psychic, I receive many messages using animals to help me and having this as a go to guide will be a necessary part of my practice! I recommend this book to anyone who is developing or understanding their own intuitive gifts as Melissa has gone above and beyond to help us connect to our animals in a way no other has before-she gives us different, relevant ways to interpret each animal’s energy. This book will be one you will want to keep in your collection always!”
―Melanie Barnum, author of Psychic Vision and The Pocket Book of Psychic Development

“Animals communicate with us on many different spiritual and energetic levels…Animal Frequency is a powerful resource that will enable you to embrace their infinite wisdom and divine essence on a higher level. The guided meditations will allow you to connect to the frequency of the Animal Kingdom to learn how to open your heart and mind to their powerful messages.”
―Karen Anderson, animal communicator and psychic medium

“Animal Frequency is an important book that you’ll read for pleasure, and will refer to for the rest of your life.”
―Richard Webster, bestselling author of Spirit & Dream Animals

“Animal Frequency is a valuable addition to any animal magic practitioner’s bookshelf. [Melissa] presents a unique approach to working with animal spirits.”
―Lupa, author of New Paths to Animal Totems

Excerpt from Animal Frequency:


Element(s): Earth, water          Primary Color(s): Black, brown          Type: Wild          Category: Mammal

Traits: Bear symbolizes a fierce strength and a gentle nature that is often underestimated. There is agility and lightning speed tucked inside a body that looks as if it would be cumbersome and slow. Bear means being introspective, taking the time to carefully examine your thoughts, feelings, and ideas through soul-searching, to come to decisions without outside influences of other people’s opinions. There is a need for time away from others to revive and reflect within. Bear is loyal to a fault, has a great deal of integrity, and has a protective nature especially for loved ones. A heightened sense of smell enables you to sniff out truth. Bear also enables you to see visions and have strong intuition. It encourages you to be your own advisor.

Talents: Agility, contentment, courage, introspection, intuitive, knowing when to back down and when to fight, loyalty, peacefulness, reflective, soul-searching, speed, strength, truth of the matter

Challenges: Becoming a loner, being a rogue, losing sight of your inner truth or the goals you want to reach, poor judgment, reclusiveness, rigidity, stubbornness

Appearances: Bear often appears when you need to take time away for yourself so you can revive and find your center or balance. It can indicate a need for more rest, extra sleep, and downtime when you’re frazzled by life. It can mean you’ll need to protect someone, or reflect on a situation you’re not sure about. There is a need to stick to your beliefs without compromise. Seeing bear means to look beyond a person’s physical appearance to what’s inside. Bear also appears when you have lost your way or when you need to reconnect with your inner self at a soul level. To really know your path, you must know your true self. Take quiet time just for you. Use this time to silently contemplate your mind, body, and spirit to move forward. You may need healing at this time, either physically, spiritually, or emotionally, so it’s important to find balance and get plenty of rest. You’re a survivor with plenty of new ideas and the assertiveness to bring those ideas to fruition. Don’t hide but step out and take what is yours.

Assists When: You need a boost in your strength and energy or are having trouble making a decision. If you feel betrayed by someone, bear can help you understand not only your own feelings but reasons for the other person’s actions. It offers guidance in self-discovery on the physical and spiritual planes. Bear assists when you’re searching for an answer and can help you get to the truth of the matter.

Frequency: Bear’s energy sounds like a deep rumbling, powerful and steady with the slightest bit of unpredictable shakiness. It feels soft, warm, and silky.

Imagine …

You feel its breath like a strong wind in your face as a black bear roars ferociously at you. Its large, sharp teeth are only inches from your face. It could easily shred you to pieces but you’re not afraid. You stand tall and wait. As its roar dies down, you look it in the eye. You feel the powerful strength and integrity within it. Energy radiates from its body, surrounding you in its deep, pulsating power. It settles down on its haunches to stare at you and you reach out, tentatively touching the side of its snout. Bear’s eyes close and it leans its head into your hand. You caress its face, feeling the love and gentle nature of its soul. You move your hands farther back to scratch its back, your fingers running through its dense, silky fur. Suddenly it rolls over to its back so you can scratch is stomach. You do and laugh at its playfulness. You take its paws in your hands and are amazed at the peaceful power within them. You send your energy to bear as its frequency fills you. It opens its eyes, sits up, and grasps you in a big hug. Setting you aside, it takes a long look at you and then walks away. You know without a doubt that it is now your protector, your champion.

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