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Explore the world of spirit animals and how they can guide you to live your best life. Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals is the perfect, pocket-sized tool to connect you to your spirit animals, whether they are lifelong companions or sent to deliver a single, specific message.

Spirit animals can help you feel more balanced, peaceful, and confident in everything that you do. This convenient, hardcover reference book features more than 200 entries for wild, domestic, and mythical animals, allowing you to understand what each one symbolizes, how it may appear to you, and how to best use its guidance and energy. You’ll also find tips throughout the book and information on color and element meanings for each animal.


“Melissa has written a wonderful book on how to work with spirit aminals. She talks about domestic, mythical, and wild animals. I found that you can open to book to any page and find the appropriate message for you at that time. You may also notice that particular animal throughout the day in different mediums wherever you go. Her book is one more tool in your toolbox to guide you through everyday living with more awareness and ease. Listen to my interview with her on Get Over It! Podcast.” ~ Monique Chapman, Get Over It! Podcast.