Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings: All of the readings I offer are delivered through email. I have been doing readings this way since I started offering them to the public back in 1992 and it’s my preferred method.  I usually get a great deal of information and I want you to have a written copy of it.  If I get information that has absolutely nothing to do with the reading you ordered – you get that information anyway. This DOESN’T typically happen, but if it does, it does. I don’t have any control over what information comes through but if I receive it, you’ll receive it, at no additional charge. For example, lets say you order a 1 question reading but while I’m answering your question, I see a whole past life that has something to do with your question. I’m going to tell you all about that past life without charging you for a past life reading. Why? Because that’s the ethical thing to do. You ordered a one question reading, I planned to do a one question reading, but the Universe had other plans and gave me this other information that you were supposed to know so it is my duty to pass it along. I’m only a vessel for the information and it’s out of my control what comes through. But, I will promise you this – I absolutely will NEVER tell anyone….oh by the way, I got this info about one of your past lives, and if you order that reading, I’ll tell you all about it. If I get the information – you get the information – regardless of the type of reading you purchased. I also offer a wide range of readings to fit every budget. Mini readings are exactly like the full readings but at a lower cost and a with a limit of how much I look for during the reading. For example, a mini past life reading looks for one past life but during the full reading I just keep going until the impressions stop regardless of the number of past lives I’m shown. 

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