Notice Your Surroundings

My schedule is usually very busy. Getting the kids off to school can be hectic to say the least. Then it’s over to the farm to take care of the horses and dogs. So the time driving between one place to another is a perfect time for me to focus and raise my frequency before moving onto the next thing I have to do. Today was no exception. After I got the kids to school I drove towards the farm. As I stopped at a red light, I noticed a truck sitting off to the side of the road, it’s engine fully engulfed in flames. While this was a tragedy, I saw that the driver was safely out of harms way and there were already fire trucks moving in to put out the flames. Cops came from nowhere to direct traffic out of the way and even though the truck was rapidly burning, everyone was safe. I thought about how quickly people moved in to help one another and this raised my frequency. It was just a moment in time, when everyone pulled together to take care of a unfortunate incident. Look around you today and really notice how people work together for the benefit of others. This will raise your frequency as you appreciate someone else’s actions.