A Little Yellow Bird

Today, as I sat in the school’s parking lot dropping off my kids, I saw a little yellow bird flittering in and out of a bush. As I sat there watching, I wondered what it was doing, what it was looking for. It was a beautiful little bird with gray wings and a brightly colored yellow chest. At first I thought it was a humming bird but it was a little too big for that even though it was tiny. It didn’t stop, just flew here and there from one section of the bush to another. Then suddenly from between the branches of the bush a hawk soared towards the little bird and an amazing speed. I gasped in shock as the little bird disappeared into the bush ahead of the hawk. Devastated that the little yellow bird was now breakfast, I jumped out of my car and ran to the bush, looking to see if he escaped. I couldn’t find him or the hawk and my frequency dropped. What a sad thing to happen to such a beautiful creature so early in the morning on such a nice day. I went back to my car and just sat there, hoping that he’d gotten away. Moments later, I saw him zoom by in the opposite direction from where he’d flown away from the hawk. My frequency elevated and I was very happy that he’d escaped. Nature is nature and all animals have to eat but I was happy that the hawk would have to find something else for breakfast. Notice a wild animal today. It might be a bird, a lizard or any other creature you may see during your day. Watch it for a while, appreciate that it is in the world, and feel your frequency soar just like that little yellow bird.