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Focused Specific Question Clairvoyant Readings – A focused specific question clairvoyant reading is when you ask me a very specific question and I use my clairvoyant abilities to tell you what I see surrounding that specific situation or event. Since I re-opened my website to readings in mid-May 2023, there has been a lot of confusion about the specific question readings so I’m going to try to offer some clarity here. People are asking broad generalized questions about topics instead of specific questions. The prices of the specific question readings begins at $10 for a yes/no reading and $25 for one specific question reading because it is for an impression about a very specific question. But people are wanting to get a full reading for the cost of one specific question reading, by asking very broad reaching questions about topics instead of a specific question about a specific event. I’m really sorry but I just can’t do that. And if this continues I will  remove the specific questions from my available readings because it is taking a lot of time to explain this over and over again.

To be very clear: I will not answer topic types of questions when someone purchases a specific question reading. I do an overview of topics in the  general clairvoyant reading if you want topic type of questions answered. Here are some examples of specific questions vs topic questions

Examples of Specific Questions: 1) I have a job interview on Friday. Is there anything extra that I should do to prepare for it? 2) I have been invited to an event with friends but I feel a bit uneasy about going. What are your impressions about my attending or not attending this event? 3) I’m considering getting a new puppy. Is this a good idea at this time?

Examples of Broad, Generalized, Topic type Questions: 1) What can you tell me about my love life? 2) What is happening in my career? 3) What does the future hold for me in all areas of my life? – These are TOPICS (love life, career, future), not SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.

Please do not ask general questions that are about a topic instead of a specific question.  If I receive questions phrased this way I will ask you to resubmit them as specific questions prior to doing your reading. If you resubmit and they’re still topics and not specific questions, I will refund your money and not do the reading. Thanks for understanding about this.

(Note: if the numbers are out of order on your screen just select the “sort by price: Low to High” and it will put them in the correct order).

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