First Review for Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages After Publication

While I received numerous ARC endorsements prior to publication (thank you all!) for Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages: Awaken to the Meaning of Number Sequences and Synchronicities from Animals, Nature, and the Universe, this is the first post-publication review to come in. Thank you to Ephantus M. at Reader Views and for such a wonderful review.

Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages
Melissa Alvarez
Adrema Press (2023)
ISBN: 978-1596111493
Reviewed by: Ephantus M. for Reader Views

5 Stars Exquisite Essence for Greater Self-realization

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez is an indispensable guidebook that deeply inspires and highly educates its audience on the importance of developing one’s intuition for a better understanding of how the elements of the universe are connected, and how they communicate to human beings through repetitive numbers, for greater self-realization, development of psychic self, and growth of their spiritual path.

This impressive text bears well-calculated guidance that will see readers understand the nature and objective of the repeated numbers phenomena, which the author has found to have confused a lot of people and therefore ended up being dismissed as spooky and a probable cause for panic. This book offers an effectual interpretation of common numbers ranging from 0 to 1111 and an exhaustive set of instructions on how to interpret numbers that are outside of that range.

Alvarez is an author who is keen on details and who readers will find ingenious after interacting with her solid masterpiece. She is very practical and undoubtedly creative in writing this resource that aims to bring readers to a quick discovery of their place in the universe as well as the vast benefits of developing a sharp intuition. By the end of the read, Author Melissa’s audience will appreciate the existence and the unlimited benevolence of a higher power than themselves, whose guidance and direction in various situations they may be going through, stands crucial and significant if well comprehended.

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez is not an ordinary numerology guidebook but an exclusive five-star volume whose impact on the world will include a change in perspective for millions of people during their difficult times, waking one up to one’s true nature, and creating certitude and conviction in their minds during tough decision making. This guidebook, however, begs to be read slowly to grasp every bit of its invaluable detail. The meticulous interpretations therein are bound to keep one invested and reflective on their personal experiences with repetitive numbers that they may have encountered on their paths. Readers will want to have this text around at all times for future reference and guidance.

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