Earth Frequency Available for pre-order – June 8, 2019 Release Date

I just found out that my next book from Llewellyn is now available for pre-order at Amazon and will be released on June 8, 2019. It’ll be at Barnes and Noble and on Llewellyn’s website soon. I love this cover! Kudos to Llewellyn’s art department on a job well done! This is a big book. The word count came in at 170K and it covers 250 sacred sites around the world. Here’s the blurb in case you’re interested.

Deepen your connection to the world around you, expand your consciousness, and grow spiritually by consciously engaging with the Earth’s energy. This groundbreaking book presents the various forms of Earth frequency and how working with this energy leads to amazing improvements in your happiness, self-confidence, and spirituality. Melissa Alvarez becomes your personal tour guide to power places and sacred sites all over the world, from Antelope Canyon in Arizona to Mount Olympus in Greece.

Earth Frequency lets you explore many unique and interesting locations that are overflowing with the positivity of the planet’s energy. You’ll learn to connect with Earth’s energy through visualizations and exercises designed to increase your intuition and open you to the transformational power of the space. This book is great for broadening your horizons and transforming your nature-based practice.


“For decades, I’ve combed books, tomes, and ancient manuscripts to guide me in my travels to power places and sacred sites. Melissa’s book has now replaced all other resources, for in one volume, she includes everything a seeker requires to connect with transformative earth energies. From a rousing discussion of energy to the specific descriptions of 250 sites, she can assure you of indescribable experiences. I’ve always been a pilgrim of this earth and now I’m even more excited about my next journeys. Bravo!”—Cyndi Dale, bestselling author of The Complete Book of Chakra Healing