Spirituality.Today review of Animal Frequency

I just came across a 5 star review for Animal Frequency at Spirituality.Today and want to share the overview section. I’m very happy with this review because I did tune into each animal using animal frequency when I wrote the book and they got that from the book. I invite you to read the entire review at http://spirituality.today/books/shamanism/animal-frequency-by-melissa-alvarez

“At 400+ pages Animal Frequency is not only a big book but it is also a comprehensive one.

For each example of totem or power animal that the author has included in this book there are at least two pages of extensive notes, insights, guidance and even a related guided visualisation devoted to it.

It is for this reason that Animal Frequency stands out among similar books that are available today.

What also qualifies this publication as being highly creditworthy is the sheer insightfulness of its author regarding the innate qualities of each animal, bird, insect, etc.

This is so remarkable that at times you actually get the impression that the author has actually psycho-spiritually connected to the essence of its being and tuned in to its underlying energy patterns.

So with all that packed into an almost encyclopaedic publication one is left with a book that fascinates and astounds in equal measure.

Elsewhere on this website we reviewed Melissa Alvarez’s Animal Frequency Oracle Cards and I feel that some potential purchasers might want to consider these two products together.

Either way Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez. is a book that will aid Pagans, Wiccan, and Shamans in their work and open up new areas in magical understanding of our world in exciting and challenging ways for everyone else.”


They also gave the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards a 4 star review. I am also very happy with this review as well. You can read the entire review at http://spirituality.today/decks/oracle/animal-frequency-oracle-cards-by-melissa-alvarez

“My general thoughts regarding this oracle are generally favourable. It’s nicely presented and the range of animals, etc., is fairly extensive. The descriptions are, as I have already noted, very impressive and whilst as a matter of necessity they only include keywords the accompanying book to this oracle Animal Frequency (which we have reviewed independently here) adds additional information should you require it.”

“The Animal Frequency Oracle Cards are a handy, although stripped down contraction of the author’s main work. (This deck contains 44 examples of the nature kingdom whilst the book features 181 of them)

So if you feel attracted to this oracle then I would perhaps suggest that you consider both book and the cards together for whilst they serve slightly different purposes they do enhance each other in significant ways. Otherwise this is a great introduction to understanding both the quality of the energy and significance of the meaning of the messages that animals so often bring into our lives.”