Animal Frequency Day Card Draw




UPDATE: The meanings are below! If you haven’t picked your card, please do so before reading the rest of the post.

To celebrate Animal Frequency Day I’m going to post a picture of the backs of six Animal Frequency cards that I drew this morning. Think of a situation where you could use a little help with. Now study the backs and write down the number of the card that draws you to it – the one you feel a connection with. Sometime tonight I’ll post what each of the six cards are and briefly explain what each animal means. Have fun!








So here we go! It’s a little early but that’s okay. 🙂 First let me say that I find it really interesting that no domestic animals came up during this draw even though the cards were cut, shuffled, and cut again. The cards didn’t scan as well as I would like – the colors are more vibrant in the actual deck. 🙂 Here’s how I would interpret each card if I drew them for myself or during a reading. I hope you enjoyed this exercise for our second annual Animal Frequency Day!

1. Dragon – If you selected the Dragon get ready for some adventure in your life. This is a time of transitions – of financial growth, a deeper connection to your spirituality and higher purpose. You are a leader who inspires others but sometimes have impractical expectations of yourself. Let go of any negativity you may be experiencing and embrace the fearless leader you are deep within your soul. You are wise, regal, and strong. Dragon warns against being arrogant, intimidating or unpredictable with those around you. Your words have fire, they can be ferocious and destructive with deadly aim. Don’t hurt others by letting your words fly instead of having self-control. 

2. Flamingo – Selecting Flamingo means to get ready to put your beauty and charm to work either planning a social event or heading up a project within your work environment. You’re extremely organized and can put together a party like no one else because you’re so detail oriented. You add color, zing, and zest to everything you do. People enjoy being around you because you often can be the life of the party yourself. You have deep family ties, are responsible to the hilt, and enjoy working with others. Flamingo warns not to let all the attention you receive go to your head. Vanity, being a diva or difficult to work with, or being difficult to please are negative attributes that you should avoid. You can sometimes become to dependent on others – being part of the flock instead of relying on your own merits. Stand strong within your graceful and beautiful self. 

3. Meerkat – If you chose Meerkat it’s time to heighten your awareness to what’s going on around you. Let your curiosity lead you to find out the truth of situations but don’t go so far that you’re too far from your safe zone. This is a time to embrace your confidence, to move forward with courage and to make strong emotional connections with others. You may find yourself helping out someone else at this time. Be nurturing and protective because that is what is needed. Make time for yourself too – do things you enjoy, that brings out your playful nature. Meerkat means not to be overly impulsive right now. Instead, take your time, move carefully and watch your back. Don’t turn on those close to you and make sure they aren’t turning on you because you’re being overly aggressive or mean to them. You can be sneaky so make sure you’re aware of the risks and consequences of what your actions could bring before you take them. 

4. White Stag – If you selected the White Stag this is a sign of more abundance coming into your life. This is a sign to get in touch with your creative side. This is a time of renewal and spiritual growth. You’re a noble person filled with dignity, kindness, and strength of being. You’re entering a time of transition, of letting go and cleansing yourself of what no longer serves you and of getting in touch with your inner power and strength. You’re a vibrant person who can go after your dreams and make them reality. Set realistic goals, don’t over think your path, plans, or the actions you need to take to bring them into fruition. Be clear with what you want as you move forward. White Stag warns against letting pride get in your way or becoming too arrogant on your path. This isn’t a time to be reclusive but to get out there and make things happen. 

5. Phoenix – Choosing the Phoenix means that this is a time of rebirth. To start over and move forward without fear and with an inspired sense of awareness. You’re competent, creative, and wise. Embrace your sense of adventure and you’ll find that things happen for you faster than you expected. Pursue your path with honor and be noble in the way you handle yourself. This is a time to look at your own spiritual growth and to consider paths that you may not have thought of before. You will find yourself more inspired each day. Phoenix warns against being to relentless in your pursuits and to keep your emotions, especially anger, in check. Some part of your life is about to experience a complete turnaround from the way it has been going and new opportunities are presenting themselves to you at this time. You can be anything you want, do anything you want, if you’ll only recognize the gifts being presented to you along the way. 

6. Bear – Selecting Bear means to pick your battles. Now isn’t the time to go rogue or to lose sight of the goals you’re after. Take a breath, look inside and be content with where you’ve been in life and in tune with your inner truth. You’re stronger than most give you credit for, have the agility to move with speed and determination when needed. You also know when you need to wait instead of going full steam ahead, to plan your path and actions for the best outcome. Bear warns against being too stubborn or judgmental. Bear means to be brave, to follow your intuition and to act instinctively to obtain the best results. Seek out friends and family during this time instead of retreating within yourself. Take time for inner reflection which will lead to a sense of overall peacefulness within you.