It’s officially release day for Animal Frequency!

It’s officially Release Day for Animal Frequency and the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards! I’m so excited to see that the book just hit Llewellyn’s #10 in their Top 40 Bestseller’s list! It’s number 10 but I’ll keep watching to see if it goes even higher. I’ve watched it go from not being on the top 40 list to 39, then up from there. The book is also selling out fast. There are only two print copies left at Amazon (plenty of ebooks though) so if they’re temporarily sold out head on over to, who should still have a lot in stock. The Limited Edition Signed and Numbered print run of the Animal Frequency Oracle Cards are still in stock at

I’m also a guest on the Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast today, which will air on April 4th. I”m so excited to be a guest on his show. I’ve also recently finished another podcast at Moments with Marianne which will also air the beginning of April. I’ll give you all more information when I have the exact date. If you’d like for me to appear on your radio show, podcast, or as a guest blogger – just let me know and we’ll get it scheduled.