Anticipation is a great thing. It’s wonderful to look forward to an upcoming event in your life. Right now, I’m anticipating the birth of a foal. My mare’s due date is February 17 but she’s already been showing signs of labor. She’s biting her sides, pacing around her stall, pawing, stomping and yawning and then she’ll suddenly stop doing anything and act like nothing is happening. We’re three days into this and I’ve been unable to get much of anything done except keeping an eye on her. It’s difficult to focus on writing when you know the minute you turn your back the foal will be born. Mares can be sneaky like that. 😉

If you’ve ever wondered how big a pregnant mare actually gets – here’s our girl laying down yesterday. Is that a humongous stomach or what? This baby has to be tiring her out because it’s kicking like crazy!

Soon this little miracle will be here on the ground. Last year we had a litter of puppies (11 of them!) born on Valentines Day. I wonder if we’ll have a foal on the 14th this year? Maybe, maybe not. Either way the anticipation is so exciting. I can’t wait to see the little one! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be writing from my laptop while sitting in the corner of the stall.

Happy Monday everyone!