New reader review for Talgorian Prophecy

Aren’t Google alerts wonderful? I just found this review that a reader posted on Shelfari about Talgorian Prophecy and thought I’d share it with my readers. Thank you Karen D. for reviewing Talgorian Prophecy on Shelfari! I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

Karen D’s  Review:

I really enjoyed Dupré’s novel. As a lover of suspense and paranormal, I love discovering stories that blend both. That said, I would have liked for that blending to be a bit more balanced. There is no question the suspense was solid through the book, as were the psychic elements. Knowing your child is in the clutches of a killer like the Mangler is every mother’s worst nightmare and, like Megan, I would have done whatever was necessary to save my child. I was caught by the character’s dilemma from the very start. As a result, I couldn’t put down the book. Dupré did a great job there.

The Talgorian Prophecy snuck up on me toward the end of the book though. All of a sudden, Megan and Brody are talking to immortals and dealing with a prophecy that hadn’t been set up. Not for me, at least. There might have been a few lead-ins along the way but, if so, I completely missed or skimmed over them in favor of the stronger psychic elements. So it felt like the prophecy was thrown in at the last minute to make it easier to resolve the conflicts. And that’s a shame because what Dupré laid out in that prophecy was original to me. I would have loved more time to explore it and the repercussions of the revelation.

Would I pick up another of Dupré’s novels? Absolutely! Despite my feelings about the prophecy elements, this author has a definite talent for pulling hard on a reader’s emotions. Her suspense and psychic elements are right on. I couldn’t put the book down until I read the last page.

Karen D wrote this review Tuesday, May 19 2009.