1-20-09 Edgar Cayce thought for the day

For January 20, 2009

Think on This …

That primarily needed is patience, persistence and consistence. 

Then we would define for the entity what we mean by the entity having patience–in an active, positive manner and not merely as a passive thing.

Taking or enduring hardships, or censure, or idiosyncrasies of others, is not necessarily patience at all. It may become merely that of being a drudge not only to self but an outlet of expression from others that may never be quite satisfying because there is no resistance.

Passive patience, to be sure, has its place; but consider patience rather from the precepts of God’s relationship to man: love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience. Endurance at times is patience, consistence ever is patience.

Edgar Cayce Reading 3161-1

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