1-18-09 Edgar Cayce thought for the day

For January 18, 2009

Think on This …

An experience, then, is not only a happening, but what is the reaction in your own mind? What does it do to you to make your life, your habits, your relationships to others of a more helpful nature, with a more hopeful attitude?  

These are the criterions for every individual’s experience–sincerity of purpose, of desire; putting the whole law into effect in the activities–which is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body, and thy neighbor as thyself.
This is the whole law. All the other things given or written are only the interpreting of same.

Then what does such a proclaiming preclude? From what basis is the reasoning drawn? What is the purpose of an individual experience of an entity or soul into the earth at any given period?

These answered then give a background for the interpreting of why.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1567-2

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