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I just received notification of the following review from Thanks Anne!Beneath A Christmas Moon
Beneath A Christmas Moon

  Eden Robins, Ariana Dupré, Karen McCullough
ISBN: 9781419914225
Cerridwen Press, 2007
4.5 Stars

Lander’s Moon
  Eden Robins

Healer, Selena Alvarez and her boyfriend, Todd were at his cabin in the woods when he began to beat her. Bleeding, she managed to escape into the cold, snowy night. Lander could smell the blood of a female. When Selena came to she was in Lander Paletsos’s home and his housekeeper Maggie was taking care of her. The beast in him wanted to take her and make her his, the man in him wanted to love her forever. 

Lander’s Moon by Eden Robins is a delightfully sensuous short story. Lander is sexy, and desirable. Selena is a woman that fears little and capable of fighting back. This is a unique and passionate love story.

Paradise Designs
  Ariana Dupré

Tara Simms has been hearing voices in her head since she was a child. She learned early that counting in her mind helped to block the sound of the voices.  She has inherited the family talent for being a clairvoyant and medium. Recently she moved to her new condominium in a hope of escaping the voices of ghosts. Her new neighbor David Blake was a real hunk; she could not help but stare at him. A woman was murdered in the building. Together David and Tara investigate the murder. Now the murderer has a new target, Tara.

Paradise Designs is a deliciously spooky tale. Ariana Dupré spins a yarn that will keep the reader listening for voices in the other room and swooning for a protector. Tara has a daring spirit it just takes her a while to embrace it. David is every woman’s hero, willing to listen and believe even the unbelievable.

Vampire’s Christmas Carol
  Karen McCullough

Instead of staying with her car after an accident, Carol Prescott goes searching for help. She sees a light ahead and finds it is coming from a house. Although the man in the house tried to dissuade her from coming in she insisted. Michael Carpenter showed her his fangs in an attempt to convince her that he really was a vampire and that she really was in danger being there. This particular vampire refused to drink blood and would die at sunrise, unless Carol could find a way to help him.

When I first began to read Vampire’s Christmas Carol I thought it was going to be funny, instead it was a love story filled with passion and innocence.   Michael showed strength by restraining himself and Carol showed great love and compassion by helping him. I found Karen McCullough’s plot well developed and unique. I liked the way she had Michael telling his story. 

There three short stories are all connected by their timing, Christmas. Each author has approached the holiday in a different and distinctive way. Fans of paranormal will enjoy Beneath A Christmas Moon.

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