Bloggy Carnival is almost over

Hey everybody!

This Haunted Blog Carnival is still running, and you have a great chance to win something from the stash of over $6000.00  in prizes! New items were JUST added. Even if you have been by, come again because there are more contributors you can add entries for. While many others have ended their contests today, we are going strong through Sunday at midnight Pacific time! TONS of books and other items are up for grabs!

Check it out here at both of the blogs! – Compaq iPAQ PC -Over $3865.00 In Prizes! International YES!

and – Over $2330.00 In Prizes! Internationals YES!

Remember the more places you post it, the more entries you get.

Be SURE to join us on the Blood Bank. Membership is free and  you get an automatic entry for doing it. 🙂
Here’s that link:

Thanks to everybody who’s been stopping by, it has been an amazing week!