Romantic Times BOOKreviews gives Talgorian Prophecy 4 Stars!

4 Stars – Hot
Romantic Suspense

Dupré’s well plotted and exciting novel grabs the reader. At its center is a wonderful story about lovers reconnecting. This is surrounded by a suspenseful paranormal adventure with several twists that will continually surprise.

Summary: Megan Cassidy has a vision of her son Robbie’s abduction. But although she’s a renowned psychic, the police don’t believe her. Megan knows that a serial killer is using Robbie to get to her, so she turns to her former fiancé Brody Phelps for help.

Brody is the best tracker in West Virginia, and when she tells him who Robbie is, they head into the mountains searching for him. On their journey, they learn about the Talgorian Prophecy and its life-changing ramifications. But first they must rescue Robbie.

Reviewed by Sandra Garcia-Myers

Thank you Sandra!