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ISBN# 978-14199-141-64
February 14 2008
Cerridwen Press
194 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Megan Cassidy is a psychic who is fast becoming famous. Megan has a six-year-old son whom she keeps secret from the media. Seven years ago Megan fell in love with Brody Phelps and became engaged, but when a bad prediction leads to Brody’s hatred she left and never looked back. But now a psycho serial killer named the as the “Mangler” has her son Robbie, and there is only one tracker who knew those mountains and that is Brody Phelps.

Brody Phelps is Chief at the Flatrock Creek Ranger and Police station. Years ago, Brody made a promise to himself to help find the lost, especially the children. Now Megan comes back wanting him to help find her kidnapped son, Brody did not know if he could let his heart go through that pain again. But the “Mangler” has followed her to Flatrock and Brody knows he could not turn his back on Megan this time.

Megan explained to Brody about the visions she is having and what she was seeing, and although skeptic, Brody decides to follow her leads. Megan soon takes them on the route to the Talgor Ridge, where old myths and legends were told of the Talgorian Mountains. And as they start the hunt, both Megan and Brody enter into a whole new world neither knew existed and the myths of the mountains were true. The fight for Megan’s son becomes entwined with a fight against evil. Megan soon learns exactly who and what she is. Fighting together Brody and Megan become closer than ever, but Megan has already seen her death and knows there is no future for them ever.

Ms. Dupre has created a mind blowing tale that grabs you right from the start, throwing you into a maelstrom of action and keeping you on the edge of your seat all the time. With superb ingenuity the author pens a breath taking adventure with some astounding characters and sensual romance. Without missing a beat the author takes you from a normal hunt into a spectacular paranormal world where you learn the key to what is happening. This is one of those stories that at the end the reader feeling like they had just run a marathon. To sum all of it up would be to say one phenomenal read.

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