Your Psychic Self: A Quick and Easy Guide to Discovering Your Intuitive Talents

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Companion Journal: My Psychic Journal

Ever wondered if you were psychic? Your Psychic Self is designed to help you recognize your natural intuitive abilities and strengthen them to enhance your daily life.

In an easy, conversational tone, professional intuitiveMelissa Alvarez shares her own experiences andoffers direction for discovering where your skills andinterests lie within the psychic and metaphysicalworlds.

Good for beginners or as an all-around reference,this guide gives you an overview of the signsof intuition, different kinds of abilities, psychicexperiences, and forms of intuitive communication.Understand the types of readers—from psychicdetectives to animal communicators—and exploreyour own connection with spirit beings. Use thepractice exercises to develop your abilities and learnhow to protect yourself from negative influences.