Believe and Receive Mini Meditation Cards


The Believe and Receive Mini Meditation Cards include quotes by Melissa Alvarez from the book, Believe and Receive previously published by Llewellyn Worldwide and now available through my publishing company, Adrema Press. This mini deck contains 40 business card sized meditation cards with an organza bag carrying bag, all within a sealed box with full telescopic lids with finger holds suitable for storing the cards. You can randomly pull a card to motivate and inspire you or you can search through the cards to find the law you want to work with each day. I designed these cards to reflect the energy of the law as I intuited it so you can also meditate on the colors and shapes contained within the design. This is a small deck that is easy to carry around with you. Draw a card whenever you need to feel inspired.

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About the book:

Obtain Your Heart’s Greatest Desires by Embracing Your Universal Power

The universe wants you to achieve everything you desire in life, and with this practical book’s guidance, you can. Believe and Receive is a powerful reference book that examines forty natural laws of the universe through a realistic approach. These natural laws can be used to help you see the opportunities in any situation and work with intention toward your goals.

Melissa Alvarez dedicates a chapter to each natural law, providing description and history, an associated affirmation, useful application tips, and try-it-now exercises. Believe and Receive makes it easy to work with the laws and understand how they connect you to the universe. Once you learn how to properly combine your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations with positive energy, you’ll grow spiritually and live a successful, abundant life.