Paranormal Adventures

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Two short stories and a novella! This short story collection by award winning author Melissa Alvarez (writing as Ariana Dupré) gives you three great reads for the unbelievably low price  for a limited time.

Are you ready for paranormal adventures? First, step back in time with Drakar Holkinverg in his fight to save his lost love Gwyn from the evil Monocaths. Then, go on a holiday vacation to sunny South Florida in Paradise Designs where Tara Simms must confront ghosts and her own psychic abilities. Next you’ll take a trip to Briar Mountain. Jessie Wheaton just wanted to get away from it all but then a mysterious woman appears out of nowhere.


Talgorian Dragon:
Historical Fantasy Serial Prequel to Talgorian Prophecy Series

In the war between the Monocaths and Talgorians, Drakar Holkinverg lost the love of his life to death. For two years he’s withdraw from his people, living as an outcast. When a Guardian senses Gwyn’s life force, Drakar immediately tracks her. Is it possible that she survived the one way that an immortal Talgorian could be killed? Once reunited, Drakar discovers they are both pawns in the Monocaths’ plan to destroy all Talgorians. Drakar will do anything to save Gwyn and his people from this fate. When the stakes are highest, will Gwyn find the courage to accept her heritage to protect their people or have two years with the Monocaths changed her?

Paradise Designs:
Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novella featuring Ghosts and Psychic Abilities

Tara Simms is determined to create a new beginning for herself this holiday season. She’s purchased a new condo on Miami Beach in the ultrachic Paradise Designs Resort and Spa where there is no chance of paranormal activity. She’s looking for a new man and thinks that David Blake, the lead realtor at the high-rise, is a good prospect.

When Tara sees the spirit of a murdered woman enter her condo she freaks out. David offers his protection and his apartment. Together Tara and David must solve the murder and help the spirit into the light.

Briar Mountain
Romantic Suspense Short Story

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. That’s what Jessie Wheaton plans when he leaves behind a stressful work week and heads for a weekend at his cabin on Briar Moutain. He’s got an important meeting Monday morning and plans to use the quiet time away to prepare.

Jessie never counted on dismal weather and the feeling that someone was watching him. When he finds a woman lying unconscious in his front yard, during the middle of a thunderstorm, he’s struck with the feeling that he knows her, is connected to her. But who is she? Is she the one who was watching him or is something more sinister lurking on Briar Mountain?