Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

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Details about Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

Book Summary

Women of Wisdom is a journey through sixteen years of one of the largest women’s spirituality conferences in the world, a very unique conference that has impacted thousands of women’s lives. Authors Jean Houston and Margot Anand both exclaimed separately to me – “Kris there is nothing like this in the world” – and they have traveled around the world. The book will continue to impact women, as they experience the wisdom and gifts of the sixty contributors in the book.

The Women of Wisdom book gives women access to powerful, inspiring women leaders and their message for women to step into their power, own their feminine gifts, and learn to speak their truths. WOW provides role models who will inspire women to discover their dreams and their purpose.

Additionally the book shares stories from women whose lives have been changed by experiencing these women’s messages. Evocative art, poetry and experiential exercises enhance the book’s message, providing diverse ways to experience the spirit of the feminine.

Included in the book is my own story of how I started Women of Wisdom, which has been an empowering story for women to hear. My story began with reading The Feminine Face of God, by Patricia Hopkins and Sherry Anderson. Shortly afterwards I had a vision of bringing these spiritual women leaders to Seattle. And I immediately set that in motion at Seattle Unity Church, where I was a board member.

I realized this was something more than just a conference when I welcomed people at the first night of the conference, February 11, 1993, and I stated “Welcome to the First Annual Women of Wisdom Conference.” It has become a movement for women to come together in community and explore their potential, and to honor and support one another. This conference has continued to grow and be strong for seventeen years now and that is a testimony to the power of the vision, and the importance of women realizing the value of their unique gifts to share with the world.

In 1998 I realized I had a wealth of material in the tapes of the talks from these nationally known best selling authors and that they would make a great book. I had a dream to share this with other women. I would get phone calls and emails from women asking me if there was an organization like WOW in their city. Not everyone has the luxury to travel to conferences and experience life changing conferences and this book will provide that opportunity to many women.

In addition, the powerful women who participated at the conference in different ways – artists, musicians, writers, local presenters and WOW leaders – would contribute to make this book a holistic experience of exploring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being a woman, giving the reader the full conference experience.

The women’s movement has led women to evolve to such heights as running for the presidency of
the United States. However in workshops I have given women have shared how isolated they feel. They don’t feel honored in society for their feminine gifts and how they don’t feel comfortable or safe speaking what they feel, what’s inside their hearts, whether it be in the workplace, home or other. In sharing women’s stories in the book, women will relate to their experiences and gain strength and support through the validation of the feminine that is expressed in the book.

Many of the authors in the book share how there is a lack of balance of the feminine in our world, and how we’re at a critical time where women need to become equal partners towards creating the solutions to the many crisis facing our globe. Jean Houston shares her experience of Women of Wisdom in the foreword of the book:

“Women of Wisdom is in the forefront of the biggest change in human history – the only change that will assure our continuity as a species. Those who organize and participate in the Women of Wisdom experience, know that for a new world to be born we have to bring a new mind to bear. Critical to this is the rich mind style of women that has been gestating in the womb of preparatory time, lo, these many millennia. In their ebullient and evocative conferences WOW demonstrates a tremendous change in who we are and how we do things.”

”Playing their part to usher in feminine mind, WOW emphasizes process rather than just product, and making things cohere, relate, and grow. Cultures in which the feminine archetype is powerful are almost always non-heroic, they tend to make things work together, each piece has its part to play.”

“Men and women will be released from the old polarities of gender that force them into limited and limiting roles, and qualities of intelligence will be added to the human mind-pool that will render most previous problem solving obsolete. Linear, sequential solutions will yield to the knowing that comes from seeing things in whole gestalts, in constellations, rather than in discrete fact…. And it will ring an ecological ethic, along with a new partnership between men and women, in which the human acts in concert and in partnership with Nature to bring about more symbiotic ecological relationships.”


Table of Contents – Women of Wisdom

Foreword by Jean Houston, PhD
Preface by Kris Steinnes
What is Women of Wisdom? by Kris Steinnes
Enter into Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes
The Soul’s Fire: Bringing Meaning, Magic and Majesty into the world by Angeles Arrien
Second Sight by Judith Orloff, MD
Love and Losses by Isabel Allende
The Power of Stories by Kris Steinnes & WOW members
Rethinking Our Mental Map: Stories From the Edge of Hope by Frances Moore Lappé
A Call to Community: We Are All Relations by Brooke Medicine-Eagle and Nicki Scully
The Creative Cauldron at Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes and WOW leaders
Spiritual Courage: Putting Love into Action by Riane Eisler
Waking Up With Whom by Marion Woodman, LLD, DHL, PhD
The Millionth Circle: Transforming Ourselves and the World by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Women of Wisdom Circles by Kris Steinnes
The Feminine Co-Creator: Women’s New Role in the Transformation of the World by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Wise, Wise Women in a Wild, Wild World by Jean Houston, PhD
Connecting With Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes
Contributor’s Resource Guide


Foreword by Jean Houston

Women of Wisdom is in the forefront of the biggest change in human history – the only change that will assure our continuity as a species. Those who organize and participate in the Women of Wisdom experience know that for a new world to be born we have to bring a new mind to bear. Critical to this is the rich mind style of women that has been gestating in the womb of preparatory time, lo, these many millennia. In their ebullient and evocative conferences WOW demonstrates a tremendous change in who we are and how we do things.

Playing their part to usher in feminine mind, WOW emphasizes process rather than just product, and making things cohere, relate, and grow. Cultures in which the feminine archetype is powerful are almost always non-heroic; they tend to make things work together, each piece has its part to play. The feminine principle expresses itself as an unfolding of levels of existence, not as conquest of facts. The relationships between people and things become more important than final outcome. The world within becomes as important as the world outside.

In each and every WOW conference women discover ways to manifest this consciousness, embrace their power, challenge the way things are done, and build a new social order. They learn how women are more geared to team building and leading enterprises through natural growth stages.

The conferences demonstrate that governance, games, education, work, health – society itself – can be held to a new standard, one that promotes and honors the fullness of who and what we can be rather than just collective rights and liberties. They empower women to challenge the most sexist institutions from the medical establishments to business institutions, and at long last, allow their full creativity to be set free.

The women’s movement as a whole, and events such as the Women of Wisdom conference in particular, may be the outward manifestation of what is happening on depth levels in essential, mythic, and archetypal space-time. Whether the women’s movement has evolved because the crisis of the eternal world is calling for the rise of the goddess to restore the balance of nature, or because the release of women into full partnership demands a similar release of its archetypal principle, or even because, in the cosmic cycle of things, the time of the goddess has come around, we cannot say. But all the evidence indicates that the feminine archetype is returning.

This is perhaps the most important event of the last five thousand years, and its consequences may well have an immense, unimaginable effect on cultural and ecological evolution.

Because its approach is systemic rather than systematic, because it sees things in constellations rather than as discreet and disconnected facts, the feminine mind view is supremely concerned with the networking of the individual with the larger social organism. This is most important as we try and create a planetary society with deepening of individual cultures.

As I have had the opportunity to talk with many of the participants at these conferences I am moved to celebration and gratitude for what these remarkable women have done and how they have served in the creation of this new society.

–Jean Houston, PhD


WOW Excerpt – Make Your Intuition a Conscious Spiritual Practice (Judith Orloff’s Chapter)

The intuitive realm doesn’t obey the same laws as the physical universe. It isn’t sequential—it’s non-time, non-space. In the silent space there is no past, present or future. Sometimes this disorients people. Mystics have described this as oneness, and when you begin to feel this oneness—this flow that’s between everybody, every living thing, and every nonliving thing—there’s a relationship going on. You can feel it as a pulse and it’s very real. You can have many levels of awareness at once.

Freedom is the great gift that can come from speaking your voice. For me, speaking out has been a healing path. As a child I had many premonitions and my parents didn’t encourage me to develop my intuition at all. When I was eleven, they told me to never mention them again in our home. So part of my early process was suppressing my gift, being shamed into thinking there was something wrong with me. It does tremendous violence to children if their voices and creativity are stifled, if their parents don’t see who they are and don’t honor their intuitions.

Finding my voice and coming out in the world with it was healing for me. I had so many questions: Why use it? How do I use it? Is it something I should use with patients? When is it appropriate? Can I trust it? We all have these questions; we all face a collective kind of angst when it comes to embracing our visionary side, because it has been so divorced from who we are.

My intention is to help make intuition a conscious spiritual practice available in every second of your being here. Tune into this conscious connection by communing with the inner voice, listening to dreams, listening to the body, sensing energies—all ways to interrelate with the world.


Problems Facing Women – Women of Wisdom book offers solutions and ways to manage these problems

Women of Wisdom book offers solutions and ways to manage these problems

The WOW book addresses these problems and gives women hope for the future as they learn it is important to:
• Speak their minds
• Become leaders
• Share their stories
• Follow their dreams
• Find a balance of work, families and friends, and take care of themselves.
• Honor their feminine gifts
We all know the story of putting on your air mask in an airplane first so that you are able to help your child. It is important for women to support other women in their growth, in their choices of careers, and that it’s time to stop feeling the need to compete with each other. But first women must develop an awareness of their own personal issues and fears and what stops them from becoming the leader of their own lives.
We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers to these problems that we face in our lives. This book will draw the reader inside, to discover the answers to their issues, their problems that seem overwhelming. The book takes them on a journey in search of the person and dreams they left behind; dreams they may have had as a teenager or college student.
The audience that is drawn to this book desires a safe avenue to explore and take that inward journey and they want support. WOW offers support as a conference and will continue to do so as a book, reaching thousands more people. The book gives suggestions on how to find and open the door into that journey. By reading the stories of other women, they will gain the insight as to how they might change their life. They will be inspired to begin the changes they seek towards a fulfilling life. Women desire to connect with other women, but may not know how. This book will open them to look at the possibilities and their potential, by finding women to connect with, whether it’s women they read about on the pages, or women in their neighborhoods, at work or in their life. This book will be the catalyst to begin that soulful journey.


About the Women of Wisdom Foundation

Women of Wisdom is a non-profit organization for the empowerment of women through programs that offer healing, spiritual awareness, personal development and community. WOW celebrates the sacred feminine and is creating a new paradigm through a circle structure of shared leadership.

Who Are We?

We are an internationally recognized organization that provides diverse and innovative programs offering women opportunities for personal growth and transformation. We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all will feel welcome to pursue healing and growth. By deepening spiritual awareness, Women of Wisdom serves to empower the lives of others.

How We Began

The founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation is Kris Steinnes, who in 1992 had a vision of gathering women together to learn from diverse women leaders and their stories from around the country. At the time, Ms. Steinnes was on the Board of Directors at Seattle Unity Church, a non-denominational congregation, where she was given the freedom to establish a committee of women to create the first conference of its kind, a week-long event for women. The first year was a success with over 500 attendees and 24 individual events. The spirit and desire of women to gather was so evident that very first year that it was quickly decided to make the conference an annual event, and it has continued to grow and gather momentum each year. Now in its 9th year, over 3,000 women benefit from this conference; over 90 events are sponsored during the week and it continues to grow every year. This is a special Pacific Northwest event and now women from around the country are beginning to attend as word spreads of its transformative and spirit filled energy.

In 1998 Women of Wisdom spun off from Seattle Unity Church and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, newly named the Women of Wisdom Foundation. In 1999 Women of Wisdom Foundation moved into their first center, a house in the Greenwood neighborhood of north Seattle, which serves as our administrative offices. Here staff and volunteers come to share their talents and skills to create and manage our programs. Although the center is small, workshops and classes are also delivered from that location. In addition to sponsoring our annual conference, our programs have enlarged to be year round, so that women can continue their desire for personal growth and seek community and support with other women.

We have been fortunate to bring many wonderful speakers to Seattle, including Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D., Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Davis, Marion Woodman, Ph.D., Isabel Allende, Gabrielle Roth, Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., and many more. Many of these women will be on our board of advisors.

Our vision is to create a multi-purpose women’s center, incorporating a healing center for women, a counseling center, art center, women’s store and tea house. We also desire to increase our support for women by providing a Women’s Resource Guide, a publishing firm for women, a speaker’s bureau, support for women artists and other innovative programs that empower women to actualize their dreams.

What Women Have to Say about WOW

What an incredible event you have created! Changing women’s lives is HAPPENING, Propelled along by a blast of spiritual energy gathered at the conference. These life changes are deep and full of exciting potential for the GREATNESS of women as a whole. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Starfeather, owner Starfeather’s Gallery

I thank you for allowing us to see the manifestations of the feminine side of God in every possible way this week with music, dance, art and workshops. It is such an affirming experience to be here and to feel at a body and cellular level the numinosity of the feminine archetype. I have never felt anything quite like it in terms of numbers and variations.

Marion Woodman, Author and Jungian Psychologist

Women of Wisdom has facilitated an arena where we as a community can bring forth ideas, dreams and visions of healing and transformation on a personal and collective level. Every year I see the ripple effect of the powerful gathering reaching further within and outside ourselves.

Flor Fernandez, Ph.D., Author & Psychologist

Women of Wisdom has taught me so much about life balance and connecting to my spirit. I wish I had known about your organizaiton during my years as a financial services executive. I hope you can attract more women from the corporate world so they can learn how to find happingess and serenity without feeling the need to abandon their careers.

Mary Ella Keblusek, Former corporate Vice President

Thank you for your help and support for my workshop. The WOW Conference is one of the best organized and most presenter-friendly in which I’ve participated (and there have been many.)

LiDona Wagner, Artist

I am so happy and encouraged for you each time I receive a newsletter. Each one shows me how much your dream has grown and how far the WOW Foundation has gone in making its mark in this world. It’s wonderful to watch and to know that I was able to participate and I hope contribute something positive in a small way.

Charlene Williams, Volunteer

I support the Women of Wisdom Foundation and the work they do because they provide a place for women to integrate healing and spirit into their everyday lives, with their families and careers. Yes it is possible to bring spirit to the corporate world!

Sherry Harris, Former Councilmember, City of Seattle

I’m just starting to go back to work after three years of struggling with Manic Depression. Attending this Women of Wisdom Gathering was the best thing I could have done for myself….it truly does empower and support a women’s dreams and spirit.

Bonnie, Conference Attendee


About Women of Wisdom Foundation

Women of Wisdom
is for any woman
who desires to connect
with other women
& be inspired
by the spirit that links us.
We join hands in a circle,
we sing, we dance
and we lift our arms to
embrace everyone
in our community.
Our sisters,
our daughters,
our mothers,
our grandmothers
and our ancestors before us.
We express the Divine Feminine,
which is the spirit of women
within all of us.
We explore her wisdom &
her many diverse expressions.
We welcome all of you into our circle
of Women of Wisdom!


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