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About Dyan Garris

For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. This means that she can help her clients via telephone, which is how she conducted her readings throughout her career.

Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. This is a thirty card deck of angel cards based upon scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy. Each hand illustrated card has its own channeled message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels. Free angel card readings are available on her main website. A journal is available separately as an integrative tool for use with the cards and a meditation journal is also available for use with the CDs.

Dyan writes the Daily Channeled Message which posts on her website. Recently she authored The Book of Daily Channeled Messages which is a compilation of inspirational angelic messages to be used for daily guidance or as a bibliomancy tool.

Her book Voice of the Angels Cookbook – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking is an adventure in opening one’s creative centers and communicating with your food so it can transform from raw ingredients into what truly nourishes you on every level.

In 2005 she created a CD series of instrumental music and meditation for Automatic Chakra Balance™, self-healing, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Each CD is available separately, as well as together in a gift basket, and contains several tracks of relaxation music plus a guided meditation on the last track. The CDs have earned the National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval.

Her new CD of instrumental relaxation music “Release” was released in late September 2007. Dyan’s music can be heard nationally and internationally on numerous radio stations. “Release” recently charted at #3 on Music Choice’s cable TV music channel Soundscapes and is currently nominated for New Age Reporter’s “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of the Year” and “Best Cover Art.” “Illusions” recently charted at #1. Her son Illusions recently charted at #1. Recently, Mystic Pop Magazine interviewed her for their January/February issue. Living In Style TV featured her products in their 2007 holiday show.

Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

To sample some of Dyan’s music – you can visit her MySpace page — it’s very relaxing and soothing.

Interview with Dyan Garris

Could you give us a little background about yourself and your new book?

I am a clairvoyant counselor. To paraphrase, I’m an energy worker and a psychic. “Money and Manifesting” was the next natural step in the work that I’m currently doing.

What inspired you to write Money and Manifesting?

I wrote “Money and Manifesting” because I was counseling a lot of people for whom the principles of “The Secret” were not working. I was seeing a lot of frustration out there. The laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking are only part of the real “secret.” Plus, they aren’t a secret. I felt very strongly that if you’re going to resurrect the basic principles of how energy works then you should tell the whole story of how energy works. I wanted to teach people how to really apply these principles to transform their lives. I wanted to give people specific instructions on how to really do this, not just think about doing it. The energy that we use to manifest does not just emanate from the mind, although that is one step. Manifesting is an integrative process.

When did the idea for this title first come to you?

I had the idea in my head for about a year before I actually wrote it. I wanted to see what happened with “The Secret” first. The laws of attraction work because they are universal laws that apply to energy. Form absolutely follows thought. But for people who are blocked at their very core, this is just not going to happen. They won’t be able to manifest much of anything or they will be able manifest in a limited manner. Then they will get frustrated and return to their old patterns and keep on attracting the very things they don’t want. They first have to learn how to clear the pathway for energy to flow.

Who do you feel would be most attracted to manifesting money?

Anyone who equates money to power and self-worth would be attracted to manifesting money. Maybe almost every adult would be potentially attracted to manifesting money, because as a whole we’ve convinced ourselves that we need these pieces of paper to survive. Of course we don’t, but that is what we’ve convinced ourselves of and that is the illusion that we’re currently operating in. One of the reasons that I didn’t title the book “Manifesting Money” is because my book is about money and it is also about manifesting and exactly how to do it. It isn’t just about manifesting “money.” Money is energy. When you get done reading the book you hopefully have learned how to manifest not just money, but everything you desire to manifest.

What makes your book different from others in this genre?

There are a lot of differences. One big difference is that parts of the book are fictionalized. The characters are people that everyone can relate to in one way or another. They each in their own way have blocks to getting what they really want. If we can identify with someone or something, this gives us a platform for change and transformation without a lot of effort. The fiction is wrapped around the information for a very good reason. Energetically, this automatically engages left brain with right brain for purposes of an effortless exercise in integration. It’s a multi-dimensional book that is designed for automatic shift, just as my CDs are designed to do the same thing using sound. Also, there isn’t any point in rehashing the laws of attraction, so I didn’t do that. These are now resonating in mass consciousness as the truths that they are. So, now that we know about the importance of attraction and the importance of positive thinking, where do we go from there? How do we apply this? That is what makes my book different.

What is your favorite part of the book?

My favorite part of the book is the very end, because it’s really a beginning. It’s just like the channeled message from the “Sunset” card in my angel card deck. It says, “The sun that’s’ setting slowly is but a glimmer of what’s to be, so know that as you go along an ending is a beginning for thee.” I also like the end because something happened when I was writing it that was completely astounding to me. I won’t spoil the story, but I will say that I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen there between the characters at the end. When it unfolded the way it did, I was astonished.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

The gift of being able to connect and help other people through communication is something I’m really passionate about. Creating something tangible out of thoughts is a big part of manifesting. When you’re able to bring those communications “up and out,” that is very healing.

With regards to empowerment and getting past old hurts, what are some of the things that block our healing energy?

We cannot be truly empowered while holding on to past hurts, because we’re giving our power away to the pain. These things are illusions even if they don’t feel so. Everything is a lesson in love even if it appears not to be. Everything is an opportunity to love, grow, learn. When we insist on holding on to old hurts we are truly in our own way. How can energy flow up through the chakras if our hearts and minds are blocked? We need that pathway to be clear so we can manifest and co-create. Anything that is left unforgiven, unsaid, undone, unresolved can certainly block the energy pathway.
Many people’s response to manifesting has been to give up, after failing to receive promises that have been delivered in other books. What do you feel is the one thing that really gets in the way of manifesting?

The one thing that really gets in the way of manifesting is fear. That, and the belief in limitation. The promises of other books are based on the theory that we create and manifest with only the power of our minds. This is not so. People have interpreted the Law of Attraction as a tool to getting what they want. This is manifesting from ego, rather than co-creating. It’s a child asking Santa to bring them what they desire. We can certainly ATTRACT things this way, but this isn’t manifesting. 
What are some of the lesser known benefits of meditation?

In the long term, one can achieve a sense of complete and total peace no matter how upside-down and contorted their life may seem. Your coping mechanisms get a lot stronger; and you learn to “reduce” everything to the bigger picture, instead of viewing the world from your own balcony.

Is it necessary that you be stationery when meditating? 

I meditate when I swim. I meditate when I walk. It’s actually a form of integration if you can do something physical while meditating. And integration of mind, body, and spirit is a necessary step in manifesting. So, no, it isn’t necessary to be stationary when meditating. Walking meditations can be beneficial because you can achieve a certain focus and deliberateness. There are benefits to meditating while stationary, however. If you’ve ever heard the saying “Be still and know I am God,” then you understand what I mean. There is much to be learned in the stillness and in the silence of the inner self.  

When did you begin writing? What’s next for you?

I wrote my first book when I was a teenager. My youngest brother was fascinated with an Old English sheepdog that I had. So I wrote and illustrated a little book about the dog’s adventures. It was fun. “Money and Manifesting” probably is my last book because I’m almost done building what I set out to build. That is a toolbox filled with tools that people could use to move forward on the path. At the base of that is “Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards” and at the top is “Money and Manifesting.”

I have two more things to put in the box. One is a DVD for chakra balance and the other is one more music CD which will vibrate to the eighth chakra and beyond. We only really talk about seven chakras but there are so many more.

The journey has been its own “healing journey” for me too. And in the process of this I’ve learned how to easily transform energy. Everything I’ve built, both books and music, has gotten progressively higher in vibration. That’s what my CD series is about – raising and transforming the energy field through sound frequency and vibration. It’s pure happiness to be able to share that knowledge with and have the opportunity to translate that to others, whether that is through the written word, through cards and drawings, or through music and meditation. These things are joyful expressions of spirit.

How can people contact you?

I spend most of my time at my main website There is a free angel card reading there and I write a Daily Channeled Message as well. There is a lot of activity there and I’m always adding new information. The site feels very alive and exciting to me. It “speaks” and there is a “voice.” Also, I’m at That’s a good place to hear some of the music and I do love connecting with people. So be sure to send me a friend request.
Website Addresses:
Primary Blog Address: http://blog.voiceoftheangels

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