Interview with women’s empowerment author Nancy Wylde

Born in Australia, Nancy Wylde, author of TICKET TO FREEDOM: A Self Empowerment Guide For Women, is a present day writer and motivational speaker on challenges that still confront many women today on their journey to self-empowerment.

Her unique earthy practical and humorous style appeals to women of all backgrounds.  Nancy has appeared on television and radio.  She lectures to promote her work to help women realise their full potential, and to harness the power that lies deep within them in order to move toward their goals.

Interview with Nancy Wylde:

How long have you been writing? What inspired you to write?
I have been writing for more about 18 years. I was inspired to commence writing during what was a most unhappy and difficult time in my life as a form of self-therapy so to speak. During this phase of my life, I became aware of so many women who felt as I did, who wanted to pursue their own dreams and goals but felt powerless to do anything about it.
A lot of women find it difficult to follow their own dreams and step away from the traditional role of mother and caregiver without feeling guilty. The women I talked to and encountered all had a common denominator – that they had become servants to their families, their husbands, and their parents. They were doing everything but attending to their own needs, everything but pursuing their own personal goals because they had been socially conditioned to believe that if they were taking time out for themselves, then someone else had to miss out. 
Why a book on women’s empowerment?
I have seen so many women live lives that were unfulfilling and unhappy for fear of, or not knowing how to, or feeling guilty about pursuing their dreams. I too was one of these women. So entrenched was the message of inadequacy in the collective female psyche, that the idea of changing your life is unfathomable. Being a woman in the 21st Century is liberating. Sure, we all have certain freedoms now that we didn’t have a hundred years ago or even fifty years ago. Yet while boulders have been removed from the path that takes us towards our dreams, a lot of debris still remains.  This had all been part of my own social conditioning as it was with a lot of the women I spoke to. Being an empowered woman means not being a victim of circumstances but rather, having and utilizing certain tools that we already have at our disposal to rise above circumstances or situations and improve our lives and work towards what we really want.
What motivated you to write this book?
I initially began writing when I felt that my marriage of seventeen years was breaking down. And it inevitably broke down and ended. It was then that I felt my world – the only world I knew- come to an end. I attempted suicide as a way to end my pain and misery. When that didn’t work, (and for that I am so grateful that I failed miserably at it), I changed. I literally walked out of the hospital a different woman determined to empower myself and help other women empower themselves.
What is the book about?
This is a book about how women can harness the power which lies deep within each of us in order to move toward what they really want out of life. 
I detail the challenges that still confront many women on their journey to self-empowerment and show in practical ways how to regain a firm hold over their lives and work towards achieving their goals. I outline that one of the most fundamental steps towards gaining self-empowerment is recognizing those opinions and beliefs that limit one and ones potential. This book gives women a hands-on approach that requires no prerequisites, only positive steps forward.
Ticket to Freedom – A Self-Empowerment Guide for Women is succinctly written and will give women the courage and determination that she needs to transcend from feeling as if she is a victim of circumstances to becoming the director of her own life. It is delivered in a simple form using logic and laughter.
What are some of the blocks that you feel limit a woman’s path to self-empowerment?
We still have a myth that suggests we have to look like we just walked out of a beauty salon to be loved, accepted, acknowledged and I feel that this ‘beauty myth’ still exists in every woman’s life in some way or form.
Just look at the beauty myth today. The emphasis is no longer on enhancing or making the best of what we have been blessed with, but to look younger and younger. It is as if ageing or maturing is repulsive. I feel that there is still a lot of pressure for women to live up to an ideal image.
There are other limiting factors that I discuss such as opinions and underlying beliefs that we hold about ourselves that can stop us from growing, because most of these opinions and beliefs do not serve us and are not going to get us anywhere.
What are some of the tools you offer in your book to help one move toward empowerment?
Simple meditation and affirmation exercises are just a few. I offer exercises in letting go of certain thought patterns that all aid towards making changes on an inner level. Without this shift on an inner level, nothing will change on the outer level. 
What are your future plans? Do you plan on continuing to write? If so, what?
I plan to continue writing and plan to continue my work in helping women empower themselves. I have commenced writing my next book. It is a collection of empowering thoughts drawn from my own experiences. It touches on topics such as relationships, money, living in the moment, family, dreams and more.
Can you define what self-empowerment is for a woman?
It is about how to direct and master your own life. This does not mean manipulating, controlling or trying to dominate the lives of those around you to achieve this. Rather, it is about attuning or becoming aware of a power that already lies deep within you so that you can draw on it to get what you really want out of life without a great deal of struggle. It is about building your courage, regardless of your color, culture or religion, so that you can move toward what you want in life. It is the realization that your life and what you want to see realized in it is in the palm of your hands. This is your ticket to freedom.
What is your background?
I was born to immigrant Italian parents in Sydney, Australia. I worked in a family business where all my aunts and uncles were employed. My family worked sixteen to eighteen hour days, seven days a week to make a better life for themselves and give me and my two other sisters opportunities they never had, particularly education. 
I married at sixteen years of age and divorced at thirty-three years of age. Prior to my divorce I was a full time mother, homemaker and taught music as a private music tutor from my home studio. I had always worked from home until my divorce. Afterwards I furthered my education. I have since remarried and live on my farm with my parents where my family grows organic foods and raise antibiotic free livestock. I currently work part time with children who have learning difficulties and are physically challenged. In Australia I have appeared on television, radio and have lectured to promote my work to help women reach their potential and to learn how to harness their own personal power.

How can reader’s contact you?

They can visit my website at or contact me via email at