Animal Frequency® Five Card Spread


This readings is for your Energy Animals to guide you in regards to one specific question or situation. I will draw five cards during this reading.

I designed and developed this 44-card oracle deck as a divination tool to accompany my book, Animal Frequency, which is published by Llewellyn Worldwide. The Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards are published by my company, Adrema Press, and contain 24 wild animals, 10 domestic animals and 10 mythical animals – just a small sampling of the 181 animals included in the book, which is a reference guide chocked full of information and includes guided imagery sections to make it easier to connect with your Energy Animals.

The Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards are intended to help you do readings so you can connect with your Energy Animals on a regular basis. The talent and challenges sections of each card will help you recognize the talents and positive traits you share with the animal as well as the challenges you may face when the animal is encountered. When you select a card, that animal is guiding you in the situation or through that day. Allow your energy to attune with its frequency and receive its message. Listen to your intuition during the process and trust in what you sense and feel. Your intention when you start the reading is important. If you’re asking for your Energy Animal to show up then you share the frequency of that animal. If you’re asking for guidance, then any animal can show up to offer assistance and you can intuitively attune your frequency to the animal’s frequency.

I have also included a card within this deck that details each of the mystical animals. While you may be familiar with some of them, others may be less known, so a short version of their mythology is included to help with your frequency connection to them.

People have always looked to the animal kingdom for wisdom, inspiration, and assistance. Connecting to the frequency of animals, whether in person, through the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards or Animal Frequency book is a wonderful way to ground yourself and find balance through the interconnectedness of nature. Our lives are often so busy that we forget we are part of the whole. Animals help us reconnect to Universal Energy through their messages.

Using this deck, you can discover the sheer joy and power that connecting to your Energy Animals can bring into your life. They can guide you, heal you, bring you messages, teach you, and open your mind and soul to the Universal Energy within them so you can make their energy your own. Ask them for help and guidance any time you’re ready to receive their assistance. You will find many benefits from the vast positivity of the animal kingdom and Energy Animals. You own the ability to connect with Animal Frequency through the cards and your own unique frequency.

It’s all in your hands. Enjoy the journey.


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