Was a missing child’s ghost caught on film, you decide

This morning I heard about a ghostly video on our local radio station Wild 95.5 while taking my kids to school. I checked out the video and decided to share it with my readers. I remember seeing this clip on television when it originally aired. It stood out in my mind because of the local reporter’s opening comment. However, I’m not giving my opinion on this but am leaving it up to you to decide.

This video pertains to the missing Florida toddler, Caylee Anthony. You can find the original video on FoxNews.com but I’m also embedding it here for your convenience. The section of video where what looks like a child appears is between frames :16 and :12. It’s near the end of the clip. Watch the frame by frame first and then the original.

While I appreciate your thoughts, due to the violent, hateful and threatening comments left in regards to these videos, I have exercised my right to delete all comments posted about this article and will continue to delete any comment posts. Please see this page for how to use this site and the rules I’ve set forth specifically for the paranormal examiner section.


Frame by Frame clip

Original Broadcast