War on Christmas explodes in lights

Every time I turn on the television I hear someone arguing about the War on Christmas. The holiday season is supposed to be filled with love, hope and peace on Earth. But some people just aren’t happy unless they’re battling with someone else over religious views or any other view for that matter. I say we should all try to be kinder to each other all year long, regardless of our religious, political or world views. Readers of my column come from a vast array of religious and non-religious beliefs. So I decided to bring everyone some holiday fun. If these videos don’t make you smile then I don’t know what will. Some start slow and then really rock so hang in there. Enjoy!

Music Box Dancer – 2007 – Holdman Christmas Display


Wizard Song Trans siberian orchestra


Queen Of The Winter Night – Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Ochre Christmas Light show

Amazing Grace – 2007 – Holdman Display – Pleasant Grove, UT

Angels We Have Heard – 2006 –Holdman Christmas Display

Winter Wonderland – 2007 – Holdman Christmas Light Display

Sandstorm Christmas Lights Techno

Feliz Navidad

Metallica/Trans Siberian Mad Russian christmas Amazing Chris

Christmas Lights – Carol of the Bells