Touch me, feel me and I’ll tell you my secrets

Photo copyright Rebecca Rice
Photo copyright Rebecca Rice

Photo copyright Rebecca RiceI bet that caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you practice psychometry. Through feeling and touch, you’ll learn secrets that you never thought possible.

Psychometry is the ability to obtain information about a person, place or thing through touching an inanimate object. It’s also called object reading or psychic touch.

Have you ever walked through an antique store or someone’s home, touched something and received images, visions or thoughts about that object? Maybe you just believed that your imagination was running away with you. It probably wasn’t.  Speaking of antiques, Walt Kolenda, the auctions and antiques Examiner, recently wrote about this ability in his Weird Wednesday with Wally feature.

How does psychometry work? This is a psychic ability where the reader is able to connect with the vibrational energy of an object to get visions, feelings and emotions about the objects history. For example, say you were in a used furniture store and you tripped. To stop your fall you grab the side of a crib. Immediately you hear a baby crying and then see a picture of a baby boy with brown hair. You’ve picked up on the baby that had slept in that crib.

Psychometry isn’t limited to one impression per item. A psychic may obtain many impressions from one item at varying times in that item’s history. This is true whether the item is an heirloom that has been passed down through the ages or if it’s just an old, everyday item that many people may have used.

You may also use items to help you with situations in the present. In the case of missing persons, by touching an item of clothing, jewelry or something they handled daily like journals or a favorite coffee mug, impressions about their current location, feelings and thoughts can come through.  In these types of cases, the item should have only been used or handled by the owner.

Some people put a lot of rituals around the practice of psychometry. I say you don’t need to do a bunch of stuff to “get ready to hold an item”.  I probably take too much of a simplistic approach but I don’t feel the need to make it into such an ordeal. Here’s what I’d do. First, I’d put white light all around me to protect me from any negative energy that the object may contain. Then, I touch it or pick it up in my right hand (because I’m right handed and for no other reason) and ask my guides to show me it’s past. Then I just watch and listen. Sometimes it takes a moment, usually it doesn’t and it’s always intriguing to me. When the impressions stop, I just say thank you and remove my hand or put the object down.

You may also find that you’ll get impressions when you least expect it. There have been times when I’ve touched objects and have gotten a lot of information very quickly when I wasn’t consciously trying to do psychometry. So be prepared for surprise bursts of enlightenment through touch.

Why don’t you give it a try? Go to an antique store or anywhere that sells used items, protect yourself with white light, ask your guides to show you the past and then pick up or touch something. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Trust your first impression.

What if you were to touch another person on the hand or arm and you’re flooded with impressions? Well, this is considered psychometry by some people but to me it’s more clairvoyance. I consider psychometry as specifically dealing with inanimate objects. If you do touch someone and receive impressions, break the contact and try to block it the impressions. That will happen and sometimes you just can’t stop the impressions because it’s something that is important for you to know. That doesn’t mean you have to blab it to the world so keep your mouth shut.

That said, you wouldn’t want someone reading you without permission so remain ethical in your practices and don’t try to read anyone though touch unless they’ve given you permission to do so.

As you practice psychometry, just remember to touch, feel and you’ll learn all kinds of interesting secrets about the objects around you.