Top five paranormal events of 2008

The year is almost over with a shiny new year waiting to be born. I’m sure that 2009 will be just as chocked full of paranormal, psychic and metaphysical happenings as 2008. Let’s take a look back at the top five interesting events of 2008.

5. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, The Great American Necromancer, attempted to astral project astral project her spirit form around the world on Halloween night. This was the first public experiment of its kind. While I was never able to find out the results of this experiment, the fact that she tried this on such a worldwide scale puts her on the top five list.

4. Robert M. Stanley’s open letter to President Elect Barack Obama comes in at number four. Mr. Stanley is asking President Elect Obama to change the UFO secrecy in the United States government. This is a effort to give disclosure to the subject of UFOs.

3. The Central New York Ghost Hunters captured this intense EVP that will put chills all over you. They captured this during an investigation conducted at a hotel located in New York State that was built in the mid-1800’s where evidence that many violent acts were committed there.

2. Security cameras caught a white orb floating around an Overland Park, Kansas overnight gym around two in the morning. The experts are baffled. They say it’s not dirt, bug, camera flaw or headlights. So what is it? Or is it really a ghostly apparition? If you look closely when it moves across the right side of the screen you can almost see a full human body. Check it out for yourself. It’s pretty amazing.

1. Bob Davis, CEO of Planet Paranormal Broadcast Network and Planet Paranormal Investigations, and teammate Brian Clune captured audio of Jackie, the ghost child from the Queen Mary in an amazing conversation.