Stars from Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids spearhead paranormal investigation

The Riddle House © Condo Online
The Riddle House © Condo Online

Known as “The Painted Lady” because of its brightly painted colors of Flagler yellow, Jefferson green, sky blue and white, the Riddle House is a favorite among ghost hunters.
The structure is a three story frame house which was built in 1904 by some of Henry Flagler’s hotel construction workers. Materials from the hotel were used in the construction of the house erected on land owned by the American actor Joseph Jefferson.
The home became the home for the first West Palm Beach City Manager and Superintendent of Public Works, Karl Riddle. Later the house was donated to the Village by West Palm Beach. It is included in Yesteryear Village, an group of over thirty historic buildings that have been restored, located on the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida.
The Riddle House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Joseph, who hung himself in the attic. There have also been sightings of apparitions throughout Yesteryear Village including the general store and church. Historical antiques are located in all of the buildings, even those that are reproductions. Staffers, visitors and ghost hunters alike have had numerous paranormal experiences at this property.
Recently Yesteryear Village was featured on the television series, Ghost Adventures, including the Riddle House, surrounding buildings, the land and interviews with the staff.  You can see it in its entirety on YouTube.
The Attic Encounter at the Riddle House

Bird Cage Incident at the Riddle House

On March 7, 2009, stars from Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids will spearhead another paranormal investigation in this West Palm Beach hotspot of paranormal activity. The event is presented by Odyssey Star Productions and will include the following celebrities:


From Odyssey Star Productions:
Chip Coffey, World renowned psychic-medium, will be joining you for an unforgettable night of paranormal exploration. Coffey has been regularly featured on the A&E hit television series “Paranormal State” (19 episodes) and Co-hosted “Psychic Kids: Children of the paranormal”, also on A&E. He’s also an author, lecturer and paranormal investigator whose psychic abilities have been described as “As accurate as John Edward”.
Kristyn Gartland, the wonderfully talented Case Manager of “TAPS” and regular cast member of “Ghost Hunters” on SciFi, also joins us for a night of spooky mingling in the village! Kristyn is a field veteran who teaches the popular “Paranormal 101” class in Rhode Island and also handles hundreds of case requests for “TAPS” when not filming. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to meet one of the hardest working women in the field.
Kris Williams, one of the new investigators with “TAPS” and cast members of the television show “Ghost Hunters” is joining in on the action as well. The New England native is a former model but currently enjoys being on the other side of the lens as a photographer as well. Williams appeared in the movie “21” and got into the paranormal after and long standing friendship with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.
If you can’t wait until March, Odyssey Star Productions is hosting a paranormal investigation of the Seven Sisters Inn on February 6-7, 2009 with Chip Coffey and Kristyn Gartland. Then on Valentine’s Day Kristyn Gartland and Rob Demarest will join them in investigating the Sloss Furnaces
A limited number of tickets are available for the public to join in on these hunts.
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