Spiritual adviser charges $10,000 to drive away evil spirits

Gina Reed, 35, Chicago Police Photo
Gina Reed, 35, Chicago Police Photo

Psychic Hall of Shame




Nothing boils my blood quicker than fraudulent psychics who rip people off. With the world the way it is, people need help and that doesn’t mean you have to line your pockets to help them. This week alone I’ve done more free readings than I’ve done paid readings and I think other real psychics should do the same. Most will probably disagree with me but then again, we’re on different paths because I don’t think having psychic abilities should be about making money from them but should instead be about helping others. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think psychics should charge something because the time and energy they put into their readings has value, but ripping people off – that’s wrong.

Because I’m so sick of seeing this happen over and over again, I’m starting a “Psychic Hall of Shame” for those people who are preying on others while they claim to have “psychic powers” and get arrested for it. I actually hate that term. Having abilities is a gift, now a power.

I’m doing this for two reasons. The first is to say “Shame on you, fake psychic, for taking advantage of people in need”. The second is to put this information out in one place so that people will find it online and be wary of how a fake psychic conducts themselves. It is my hope that people will stop believing in these liars and frauds by noticing the signs that they aren’t what they seem. If they ask you for large amounts of money, ask to to return for more and more readings, give you a sob story about why they need money or promise that they can win back your lover, cast evil spirits from you or any other nonsense like that – then stay away from them and report them to the police.

‘Spiritual adviser’ charges $10,000 to “drive away evil spirits” – Now she’s charged with theft! Good!

Gina Reed, 35, (pictured above) of South Arlington Heights Road, was charged with one count of felony theft by deception according to a Chicago police statement. Investigators believe that Reed has stolen as much as $98,000 from at least four other victims with the promise that she would drive away evil spirits and bless them. 

Here’s the story: Back in August of 2007 a woman went to Reed’s home for a reading. Reed told the woman that she would bless her and drive away evil spirits for $10,000 and she’d return the money once the blessing was done. After the “blessing” the victim tried repeatedly to find Reed, who disconnected her phone, moved and made no effort to contact the woman.

Police were notified by a lot of people that they’d gone to Reed’s home and she took large sums of money from them. Upon investigation, Reed was arrested. During their investigation detectives discovered that Reed was working out of two other locations – one on East Northwest Highway in Arlington Heights and the other in the 1800 block of North Clybourn Avenue. If convicted Gina Reed faces two to five years in prison.