SOAR 2009 Meet The Public Event scheduled for June 27, 2009

The Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers (SOAR) is holding their 2009 Meet The Public Event on Saturday June 27, 2009.

They are starting the planning early to make this event truly spectacular! This year it will be held in New Richmond, Ohio the home of SOAR, The details are being finalized at this time but here’s a taste of what SOAR has in store for you this year.

(Live) paranormal radio, guest speakers, presentations by SOAR and other groups which include NKYPS, OCFPR, NR Historic Society and a historic walk, a ghost walk (and or possibly a ghost hunt), food, vendor booths, ghost stories and evidence sharing (bring yours) and much more!

More details are coming soon on the SOAR website, so mark your calendars.
Here is the official link to the meetup.  Register and RSVP here.


Melinda Smith
SOAR, Founder
Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers