Share your true paranormal experiences

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Have you encountered a ghost? Had dreams that came true? If you have, would you like to share it with other visitors to the Paranormal Examiner section of

In an effort to make my section of the Examiner website interactive I’m launching a new feature. Effective today, I’ve created a topic titled “Reader Experiences”. In this section I’ll include your personal experiences with anything of a metaphysical nature.

Here’s how it will work. If you have had an experience that you would like to share, write it up and email it to me. I’ll read through the submissions and will choose ones to feature on the site, either weekly or daily (depending on the volume received).

I do have a few rules for this feature:

• Please only send me true experiences that have personally happened to you.
• Your experience should be detailed and a minimum length of three paragraphs. A three sentence experience doesn’t give me enough information to make it a featured article on the site. Make me want to share it with the readers visiting my site. In the submission include how it made you feel. Did it cause you to make changes in your life, make you a believer or scare you?
• You may use your real name and include a link to your website, or if you prefer, you can use only your first name to protect your privacy.
• I will edit for grammar, sentence structure and punctuation before posting your experience live on the site but I will not change the content.
• If you have pictures you’d like to submit that would be great.
• Please don’t send hoaxes just to trip me up. That’s no fun!
• I don’t guarantee that all experiences sent to me will end up on the site. I’ll feature as many as possible but if it gets lost in cyberspace I have no control over that.
• If you’re featured, feel free to link to the article featuring your experience.

As the National Paranormal Examiner, I want you offer you’re a plethora of information from reporting current paranormal, metaphysical and new age events, to articles about topics that I have personal experience with and by making the site interactive for you, my readers. I hope you enjoy this new feature. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences and posting them for others to enjoy!