Sexorcism Fraud

Last week I was interviewed on the Crossroads Paranormal Radio Show and that’s where I first heard about this story. It amazes me what people will believe. I’m going to tell you what this guy did so that you don’t fall for this type of scam. This happened in Taiwan and thankfully he was arrested and sentenced because of it. So what happened?

According to the The Taipei Times a self appointed shaman, Yang Jih-hua, met a woman back in early 2007 while purchasing lottery tickets. He noticed that the woman was pale and weak so he told her that he had “spiritual powers” and that she should contact him to treat her illness. The twenty year old visited Yang a few days later. He told her that she was possessed by ghosts and that she must visit him one a week for fifty visits so he could do rituals to “drive out the ghosts” inhabiting her body. During a visit in April of 2007 Yang told the victim that she was “possessed by ghosts of those she had harmed in a previous life” and that he should have sex with her to cleanse her of the “ghost’s semen”. He also gave the woman powered medicine. Between April and July of 2007 Yang and the victim had sex thirteen times. The woman’s mother found out that the daughter appeared to be even sicker and then it was discovered she was pregnant. The mom made the girl get an abortion and the DNA test results confirmed the child was Yang’s. In court Yang insisted that Buddha appointed him as a shaman, that he never molested the girl and that he only gave her “treatment and powdered medicine.” The Hsinchu District Court sentence Yang, 59 years old, to six and a half years in prison and convicted him of rape under the pretense of an “exorcism” which has now been dubbed “sexorcism”.

There are holes in this story all over the place. First, what kind of “white powder” Yang gave this woman and why did she willingly take it? This is just some old guy scamming a way to get into a young girl’s pants. Other people may try similar things in the future after seeing this story so don’t fall for this kind of  scam. Don’t believe anyone who tells you something like this. Don’t be gullible. Recognize a tall tale for what it is – a made up story that will only result in some kind of benefit for the person telling it. In past cases on the Psychic Hall of Shame it’s been monetary value but this time it was physical pleasure. Be smart and be wise and don’t believe something like this.