Ronald Nussbeck is offering $10,000 to anyone who can debunk these UFO photos

Photo © Ron Stewart and used with Ronald Nussbeck's permission for the Challenge.
Photo © Ron Stewart and used with Ronald Nussbeck

Calling all scientist’s, MUFON, NASA and governmental agencies from around the world! Ronald Nussbeck is offering $10,000 to anyone who can debunk these UFO photos and prove they are not real.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what’s going on.

UFO’s have been a subject of interest for a very long time, not only in the United States but around the world. People have told their abduction experiences, have had unknown materials removed from their body and have experienced missing segments of time. But are these really signs that UFOs exist?

There is now a photographic process called the PPP (Penetrating Photographic Process) which was developed and patented by Ron Montgomery/Stewart. During the penetrating photographic process special equipment uses x-ray, thermo and infrared imaging. Light filters applied during each step in bright or dark areas helps to retrieve detailed data. While the validity of this process has been questioned by doubters because of the details it provides, Mr. Nussbeck is convinced of its accuracy.

Here is one of the photos, used with Mr. Nussbeck’s permission, from the challenge. This photo is of an alien spacecraft, which he named a “Notch Back”. Mr. Nussbeck states that:

“The Notch Back is approximately 50 feet in diameter and it emits a bright light that surrounds the entire craft. Many readers have e-mailed photos, videos or sightings of these craft from around the world. The Notch Back seen here is the same type of craft seen in the NASA STS 75 Shuttle Tether Science Mission video only smaller. As with the STS 75 photos the smaller Notch Back also has pictographs on its Hull of what I believe are the Pilot and Co-pilot of this craft. The Alien on the left is an Humanoid and the Alien on the right is likely a species that is a close relative to Humanoids. The Craft seems to be a smaller version of its Mother ship with its distinctive Notch in the rear and hole in the center. The photo below is of the Humanoid using PPP and X-Ray/Thermo imaging of the face is a penetrating look at what lies beyond the image. A complex circuitry system is seen surrounding the pictograph of the Alien face. PPP has been used on many Alien space craft photos and videos over the last year producing clear images of pictographs on the Hull of every Alien craft. Pictographs seem to be the common factor found on every Alien Craft regardless of type or size.”

According to Mr. Nussbeck, the penetrating photographic process equipment determined that these photos are authentic. He created this challenge and is offering $10,000 for anyone who can debunk the photos and prove that they are not real. He is repeating his original challenge for any doubters who believe that they can debunk the photos.

“I would like to make a public offer to any Scientist that would come forward and challenge the photo authenticity that I agree to make all findings public during the investigation.”

Using the penetrating photographic process, Nussbeck and Montgomery/Stewart have also found evidence of an alien craft including humanoids from a photo captured by Christine Dickey during a thunderstorm. The people involved in PPP are willing to give a live demonstration by video conference that shows exactly how the process works. They will enhance one window of the craft in Ms. Dickey’s photo and a demonstration on the STS-75 Shuttle Tether Alien Carft. Both demonstrations combined last approximately fifty minutes and will be followed by a twenty minute question and answer session. If you are qualified in this field (optical scientists, ufologists, optical engineers or PH.D. with field experience) and would like to take part in this “invitation only” event please apply by sending your request to You will be required to provide proof of your identity and the organization you represent. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Ronald Nussbeck has researched UFOs for over ten years, has worked closely with Ron Montgomery/Stewart, the scientist responsible for the development of the Penetrating Photographic Process. Mr. Nussbeck is considered an expert when it comes to UFOs and aliens. He has written numerous articles, two books titled The Deception and Retribution and is a best-selling author for his publisher. He has also been published several times in UFO Digest, has done extensive work within the scientific community on the subject of UFOs and author Ian Brockwell has also written about Mr. Nussbeck’s work.

I would like to thank Mr. Nussbeck for allowing me to post one of the photographs with this article. This is the first time they have granted permission for one of their photographs to be used and I appreciate that he approved my request. Thank you.

To see all of the photos involved in the challenge please visit this link and try to debunk them yourself for a chance at the $10,000. To contact Mr. Nussbeck directly, please send an email to