Psychic reading ban lifted in Vermont

AP Photo/ Toby Talbot
AP Photo/ Toby Talbot

Psychic Readings Banned?

All across the country there are strange laws regarding just about everything. I once lived in a North Carolina town that prohibited psychic readings. There was a lady who wanted to open up a café where you could go for lunch and have a reading at the same time. I was looking forward to going there but they told her she could open as a restaurant but that it would be against the law to offer the readings. She fought it and lost. Across the country you can find similar rulings in regards to any type of “fortune telling”.

However, this has recently changed in a St. Johnsbury, Vermont. According to the Associated Press, this town in the Northern part of New England has lifted the ordinance established in 1966 that prohibited all types of psychic readings.

Ordinances like this were originally established to prevent fraud or simply out of fear of the unknown. There have been several cases that were proven to be unconstitutional in court, yet throughout the United States cities and towns are still adding similar ordinances to their books.

Psychotherapist Jean O’Neal was the key element in the removal of the St. Johnsbury ordinance. It banned Feng Shui, the Chinese method of organizing the layout of a room’s furniture and décor to increase a healthy, positive energy flow that will bring health and financial benefits to those utilizing the space. O’Neal thought it was ridiculous that it was illegal to use Feng Shui to layout her office. I tend to agree.

I think it’s great that Jean O’Neal stepped up to the plate to get an ordinance removed that blocked her from helping others with her gifts.