Paranormal examiner’s upcoming media schedule

Since there have been quite a few email requests for my schedule, I’m including my here and will update it as new events are added. During the following radio shows I’ll discuss all things paranormal, psychic and metaphysical. If you have questions you want answered just call in. If you would like to schedule me for your radio show or other event, please send me an email. While I’m the National Paranormal Examiner and am in all of Examiner’s sixty markets, I’m located in South Florida.

Current Media Schedule


February 26, 2008Yosemite Romance Writers workshop

Other appearances are in discussions and I’ll post them as soon as the details are finalized.

List of past appearances (link goes directly to the archived show when available): 

Connecting The Light Radio Show

Home Grown Radio NJ

Crossroads Paranormal Radio 

Interviewed on the  Romance Examiner site

Interview in Linda Andrews newsletter

Captain Jack Radio Show

P.O.I.N.T. Paranormal Radio

Voices in the NYGHT 

WBAL in Baltimore – The Shari Elliker Show

Raven Radio – Get Raven or die trying

Raven Radio – Every Little Thing

Raven Radio – Sometimes We Feel Someone is Watching Us

Interview with Deb Julienne – Part One & Continuing interview and psychic reading Part Two

Paranormal Workshop group. Click here to learn how to join and access the archives. I gave lots of free readings during this workshop.