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On behalf of Christel Brooks at the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society, I’m passing along information about one of their upcoming events to my readers. Here’s all the information you’ll need: 

, we will hold a raffle which winners will receive various items and grand prize being coming along with NKYPS to a  haunted location to conduct an actual investigation.Stay tuned for details and the date the raffle tickets will become available as well as the date of the actual event in July. Part of the proceeds raised by NKYPS will be donated to the free store food bank to help those in need.


The fundraising event is going to be held on July 12, 2009 at Mahogany’s Coffee House/ Bar & Grill in Latonia, Ky from 12 noon until 5pm, at which time we will have free food, snacks, drinks, and the raffle of course since that is the fundraising activty =) Prizes for the raffle will include group shirts (from both groups), ghost hunting equipment, haunting books (autographed by the author personally & specifically for this event) &  much more, there will be 2 grand prize winners that will be chosen to come along with NKYPS & C.R.A.P.S to an actual investigation to a haunted location. the 2 winners will be able to bring a friend along with them as well, winners of the investigation must be 18 yrs of age or have parental written consent. Tickets are $10 but this includes you in all the days activities as well as enters you into the raffle drawing. As stated above, a portion of the proceeds collected will be donated to the free store food bank as well. We will have evidence we will be showing as well as question & answers sessions with not only our group but C.R.A.P.S (Cincinnati Regional Association for Paranormal Studies) group as well which whom is also involved in this event. If you have photo’s or audio of your own and would like either of our groups to go over it with you, help explain it to you or give you our opinion on it, please feel free to bring it with you as well, we would more then happy to help you with that. Please email Christel to RSVP or if you have any further questions about this event at christel@nkyps.com. If you pay through paypal, please inform Christel of your name and that you did so please. If you want to read the history on this building, which is very old, you may do so at……


The address to the location is.. Mahogany’s Bar & Grill, 3715 Winston Avenue, Latonia, Ky 41015


Prizes are limited to 1 per person so that everyone has a chance to win, once you have won something in the raffle, you can not recieve another prize or exchange for a different one.

Also, if you would like to enter into the raffle but can not make the event, please let us know that you are doing so and if you win a prize, we can either mail it to you or meet you in person to give it to you, if you are 1 of the grand prize winners, we will contact you via telephone or email with the details on the investigation.

We are proud to announce that we now have a scheduled guest speaker coming out for our event, Jason Sullivan whom does the Ghost Hunting 101 & Paranormal 411 from Midwest Hanuts will be sharing some of his great lectures with us, he will speak at approx. 2pm, so dont miss this you will be disappointed. Jason was on our radio show a couple of weeks ago, he has been on various talk radio shows, conventions, etc. and you can also find many of his video’s on youtube as well. You may also visit Jason’s myspace at…http://www.myspace.com/ghosthunting101

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