Name a star live is a unique gift idea

Photo © Space Services Inc

This is one of the coolest gift ideas I’ve seen this season. For those who have an interest in UFOs and aliens from other planets, this is a great gift.

Space Services, Inc., a aerospace company based in Houston, Texas, is a leader in public participation spaceflight. They have thirty years of experience in private sector space missions including the “first ever private launch into outer space, the first ever post cremation memorial spaceflight, and several high visibility public space missions for science, education and entertainment”. They regularly work with national and international companies including Fortune 500 entertainment and consumer firms, aerospace companies and national space agencies.

With a service called “Name A Star Live”, Space Services gives you the ability to give the gift of having a star named after them to your friends or relatives. They have several different packages available and you have the ability to view your star online using a robotically controlled telescope, you can send your star name and a message into outer space on board an actual rocket, you receive an astrophoto of your constellation and star and you even get virtual planetarium astronomy software for your computer. How cool is that?

The company has been launching payloads since 1982. This is a symbolic, not scientific, gift that will be different than the a tie, toaster or sweater that are normally given during the holiday season. To learn the details of each individual package offered (there are several), find answers to frequently asked questions, you’ll want to check out their website at Name A Star Live.

Contact information:

Space Services Inc.
2536 Amherst St. Suite J
Houston Texas 77005-3207 U.S.A.
Phone: 1.866. 7 Rocket
or +1.281.971.4019
Fax: +1.281.971.4019